Student Excellence Awards

Scholarly excellence across undergraduate and postgraduate education was again recognised in 2021, as we hosted our second annual Student Excellence Awards ceremony in early March 2022.

While the event was small due to COVID-19 concerns, the scale did not diminish the huge achievements made by our winners. In fact, their success and resilience in the face of changing learning modes throughout the pandemic makes their achievements even more astounding.

Awards are given to students with the highest weighted average mean (WAM) score for each course administered through our educational program.

All eligible students are automatically considered; there is no nomination process. To be eligible, students must have completed the course at the time of course audit, be enrolled in the full- or part-time undergraduate, Masters or Graduate Diploma courses of the School, and not be registered with the FMNHS Academic Integrity Register.

We congratulate our 2021 Award winners:

2021 Master of Public Health (multi-modal) Award winner Rose Farrugia with Professor Dianna Magliano

2021 Master of Health Management Award winner Katherine Sheahan with Professor Susannah Ahern

2021 Master of Health Administration Award winner Michael Hamill with Professor Jane Banaszak-Holl

2021 Master of Occupational and Environmental Health Award winner Carlin White with Professor Karen Walker-Bone

2021 Master of Forensic Medicine Award winner Joanna Tully with Professor Jane Banaszak-Holl

2021 Bachelor of Health Sciences Award winner Lucas Pahl with Professor Dragan Ilic

Master of Public Health (online)

Katherine Caudle

Master of Public Health (multi-modal)

Rose Farrugia

Master of Health Management

Katherine Sheahan

Master of Health Administration

Michael Hamill

Master of Biostatistics

Sze-Ee Soh

Master of Clinical Research

Takayuki Yoshida

Master of Occupational and Environmental Health

Carlin White

Master of Forensic Medicine

Joanna Tully

International student – across all postgraduate courses

Takayuki Yoshida

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Lucas Pahl

Bachelor of Public Health

Sienna Crabbmor

Bachelor of Health Sciences – international student

Yuanting ‘Grace’ Li