Student Excellence Awards

In 2020 we launched our Student Excellence Awards, honouring achievement among our postgraduate and undergraduate student cohorts. For each of the categories below, the student with the highest weighted average mean (WAM) score receives an award and prize, and is recognised at an official ceremony.

Sheymonti Hoque

I’ve always been interested in public health research, and this Honours year provided a valuable opportunity to participate in a research project that’s led to a journal submission. Along the way I’ve gained confidence in transferable career skills like organisation, teamwork and communication; I’ve also learnt specific research skills including critical analysis, study design and data analysis. The year was a fantastic opportunity to gauge my long-term interest in research and establish important networks, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

– Sheymonti Hoque

All eligible students are automatically considered; there is no nomination process. To be eligible, students must have completed the course at the time of course audit, be enrolled in the full- or part-time undergraduate, Masters or Graduate Diploma courses of the School, and not be registered with the FMNHS Academic Integrity Register.

An award will be given in each of these categories:

  • Master of Public Health (online and multi-modal)
  • Master of Health Management
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Biostatistics
  • Master of Clinical Medicine
  • Master of Clinical Research
  • Master of Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Master of Forensic Medicine
  • International student (across all postgraduate courses)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Public Health
  • International student (Bachelor of Health Sciences or Bachelor of Public Health)
  • Honours for Bachelor of Health Sciences

For further information about the Awards, please contact Professor Jane Banaszak-Holl (

2020 Master of Health Management Award winner Caroline Kratzing with Professor Susannah Ahern2020 Master of Health Administration Award winner Rebecca McIntosh with Professor Jane Banaszak-Holl2020 Master of Biostatistics Award winner Xiaofang Wang with Professor Andrew Forbes

2020 Master of Clinical Medicine Award winner Aparna Patil with Professor Peter Cameron2020 Bachelor of Public Health Award winner Teagan Jade Ostrognaj with Professor Dragan Ilic2020 Honours for the Bachelor of Health Sciences Award winner Sheymonti Shahreen Hoque with Dr Darshini Ayton

Congratulations to our 2020 Award winners

Master of Public Health (online)

Nicola Martin

Master of Public Health (multi-modal)

Daina Murtagh

Master of Health Management

Caroline Kratzing

Master of Health Administration

Rebecca McIntosh

Master of Biostatistics

Xiaofang Wang

Master of Clinical Medicine

Aparna Patil

Master of Clinical Research

Johannes Neumann

Master of Occupational and Environmental Health

Michelle Karman

Master of Forensic Medicine

Janine Rowse

Graduate Diploma in Aviation Medicine

Azeem Ali

International student – across all postgraduate courses

Johannes Neumann

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Nicole Ciavarella

Bachelor of Public Health

Teagan Jade Ostrognaj

Bachelor of Health Sciences – international student

Simran Ketan Pande

Honours for the Bachelor of Health Sciences

Sheymonti Shahreen Hoque