Curriculum Renewal for Evidence-based Practice

Implementing a Blended Learning Approach in Medicine

Chief investigators

A/Prof Dragan Ilic

A/Prof Elmer Villanueva

Prof Rusli Bin Nordin

A/Prof Julie Tilson

Prof Paul Glasziou

This project is led by Monash University, partnering with Bond University and the University of Southern California.

Project Overview

The primary aim of this study is to identity the effectiveness of implementing a blended learning approach to teaching Evidence Based Practice (EBP), in comparison to current didactic models used in Australian medical curricula, with respect to student competency in EBP. This study will also develop a new, psychometrically validated tool to assess competency in EBP.

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in medicine has evolved over the two last decades and now underpins medical practice. In recognition of its importance EBP has been incorporated in curricula as a core subject across many medical schools, usually taught didactically. Given the mantra of EBP states that all medical decisions should be informed by the best evidence, it is ironic that there is currently a dearth of evidence in this field with respect to its teaching and assessment. A randomised controlled trial (RCT) will examine the effectiveness of utilising a blended learning approach, compared to a didactic approach, to teaching EBP. This project will also develop, validate, implement and evaluate a novel tool that will provide teacher, users and learners of EBP with an instrument that assesses competency in all aspects of EBP.


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Project Outputs

As part of this project a number of online video presentations will be made available to assist students and educators in implementing a blended learning approach to teaching and learning about evidence based practice. Click to access project outputs

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