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As a society, MHSS aims to create local and global change, raise awareness of public health, promote healthy lifestyles and strengthen social connectedness. Established in 2011, we are still a young society, and therefore are always open to new ideas, members and events.

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Positions of Office 2021


President – Samantha Taylor
Vice President – Rohini Chandra
Treasurer – Kimberly Chee
Secretary – Noha Merchant


Marketing Director – Kesang Gilmore
Events Manager – Oashe Bhattacharya
Social Media Manager – Tavlin Singh
Sponsorship Manager – Arabella Davies


Treasurer Assistant – Amruta Bhir
Secretary Assistant – Rose McHugh


Third Year Representatives – Grace Li, Hayley Carmichael
Masters Representatives – Shruthi Gudur, Visale Thangadurai
General Representatives – Angel Young, Sumaya Feki, Jennifer Vo

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Positions of Office 2020

President – Cindy Leung
Vice President – Gloria Guo
Secretary – Shivangi Shah
Treasurer – Kimberly Chee
Marketing Director – Beverly Chee
Events Manager – Grace Li
Social Media Manager – Pearl Prabal
3rd Year Rep – Anne Ren
3rd Year Rep – Mark Wang
General Rep – Lilith Liu

Positions of Office 2019

President – Cindy Leung
Vice President – Nasreen Obaid
Secretary – Emily Nelson
Treasurer – Beverley Chee

Positions of Office 2018

President – Steph Quintero
Vice President – Sasha Hermosa
Secretary – Nicole Critch
Treasurer – Sheymonti Hoque
Events Officer – Melissa Trinh
Social Media Officer – Beverley Chee

Positions of Office 2017

President – Kiera McClelland
Vice President – Sasha Hermosa
Vice President – Terri Loimata-Mau
Secretary – Kimberley Morton
Treasurer – Jeniffer-Lizz Jarrin Paredes
Events Officer – Sheymonti Hoque
Social Media Officer – Estefania Quintero

Positions of Office 2016

President – Valentin Luangpraseuth
Vice President – Keera Weise
Secretary/Social Media Director – Rebecca Neufeld
Treasurer – Amy Yan
Marketing Director – Madeleine Kastner
Event Manager – Cherry Wong

Positions of Office 2015

President – Katrina Wadeson
Vice President – Christine Lau
Vice President – Valentin Luangpraseuth
Secretary – Divya Krishnan
Treasurer – Kavesha Rethnam
Events – Alys Taylor
Social Media Rep – Grace McArthur