Financial information

Studying overseas doesn't need to cost you the earth. Both exchange and Study Abroad students often qualify for scholarships and grants – you should check out our scholarships, and talk to your study abroad advisor to take advantage of any extra funding available to you.

While there are many ways to make studying and travelling cheap and easy, there are some costs to factor in when drawing up your budget for studying overseas with Monash.

Study Abroad student fees

If you're a Study Abroad student you will pay fees to Monash (or your home university/agent) for the units (subjects) you study while with us, exchange students don't need pay any extra tuition fees, so it's a good idea to check if you fall into this category.

If you are paying your fees directly to Monash, your fees in 2017 will be:

Faculty Faculty Fee (per 24 credit points studied Faculty Fee per unit (per 6 credit points)
  Undergraduate Postgraduate Undergraduate Postgraduate
Faculty of art, Design & Architecture$12,000.00 $12,000.00$3,000.00$3,000.00
Faculty of Arts$12,000.00  $16,000.00$3,000.00       $4,000.00
Faculty of Business and Economics$12,000.00 $19,500.00$3,000.00$4,887.50
Faculty of Education $12,000.00     $13,900.00$3,000.00$3,475.00
Faculty of Engineering$12,000.00    $19,450$3,000.00$4,862.50
Faculty of Information Technology$12,000.00$14,900.00$3,000.00$3,725.00
Faculty of Law$12,000.00N/A$3,000.00N/A
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences$12,000.00$20,350.00$3,000.00$5,087.50
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science$12,000.00N/A$3,000.00N/A
Faculty of Science$12,000.00N/A$3,000.00N/A

6 credit points is usually one unit
24 credit points is usually four units

* These fee rates apply to all Australian campuses and are subject to change each year. If you will be studying at an international Monash campus (eg Malaysia) you should contact the relevant Monash Abroad office for current fee rates in the local currency.

If you pay fees to your home university or a study abroad agent you may be charged a different amount than what's described above. This can be because your agent or home university offers a package including additional items like accommodation, excursions, your Overseas Student Health Cover  and transport.

International students enrolling in a CRICOS-registered course can study no more than 25% of their course by distance and/or online learning. Students cannot enrol exclusively in distance and/or online learning study in any compulsory study period. See standard 9.4 of The National Code 2007.

CRICOS code: 034891A


Before travelling to any Monash campus, in Malaysia or Australia, you'll need to arrange a student visa – both exchange and study abroad students need one. Because our campuses are spread across the globe, the application processes are different for each location.

Find out which visa you'll need to arrange for your Monash study.


Health insurance

Under Australian and Malaysian visa rules, all international students (although there are some exceptions) must have basic medical and hospital cover before they can apply for a student visa.

The names and levels of cover differ depending on where you'll be studying, and for how long. Find out more about the pricing and specifics of overseas student health cover.

Travel insurance

While your overseas student health cover will insure you once you arrive at Monash, it doesn't cover you for things like flight cancellations and lost baggage/personal items. For this reason we strongly encourage you to take out comprehensive travel insurance before you leave home.