Course planning and faculty advice

Course representatives will be able to work with you on meeting the academic requirements of studying overseas. They look after students participating in Semester Exchange, Independent Study Abroad, the Global Intercampus Program, or short-term programs such as Global Summer and Winter Programs.

They will be who you contact if you have questions like;

  • "What units can I take overseas?",
  • "Can I go overseas during my last semester?",
  • “How do I transfer approved credit units from a short course to my degree?”, and
  • Any other academic related questions

If you are participating in a faculty-led program such as a Global Study Tour, you should contact the program coordinator for more information.

Monash Australia

If you are a Monash Australia student, please follow the links below for faculty-specific information and advice.

Each faculty has its own process for approving study plans and credit arrangements, so be sure to read the details pertaining to your faculty at the pages below:

Monash Malaysia

If you are a Monash Malaysia student, you should contact your School/s to discuss the academic requirements for undertaking a semester abroad program prior to submitting an application. For Engineering students, please consult your Engineering Specialisation Course Coordinator.

As part of your application, you MUST complete a Course Progression Check by creating a course plan using MonPlan, getting it validated by your School and then upload the validated copy to your application in MAP. Do this as early as possible before the application deadline so that you have time to develop your study plan. Course progression checks that have not been validated will not be accepted.

Your Course Management Office will be able to advise you on the following:

  • what changes you need to make to your draft study plan or course progression plan
  • what units from your degree you could be used for overseas study
  • school-specific requirements you will need to meet in order to be eligible to apply, and
  • ensure you still remain on track to graduate

School or Course Management Office contacts can be found here.