Detailed HDR examination map

Timeline MastersTimeline MA (thesis only)Timeline
PhD (thesis only)
15 months15 months35 months35 monthsPreparation
for final

FGRO schedules the final milestone and creates an online dashboard entry

Student submits documents for the milestone via the dashboard 2 weeks prior to milestone date.

16 months16 months36 months36 monthsFinal

HDR Coordinator to Chair the milestone presentation

Supervisors to attend to support the candidate

Student makes a verbal presentation to the panel

Panel members provide feedback to the candidate

HDR Coordinator/Milestone Chair to complete the dashboard after the milestone

16-22 months16-22 months36-39 months36-39 monthsSelection of

Students participate in informal discussions regarding potential examiners; supervisors should ensure that students are consulted

Students invited to name individuals whom they do not wish appointed as examiners

Supervisors to informally contact examiners using the template letter to seek their availability and willingness to examine the work

16-22 months23-24 months36-39 months39-42 monthsPreparation
submission of

Students must discuss their thesis/exegesis submission with their supervisory team prior to initiating the thesis submission process to ensure there is agreement that the thesis is worthy of examination.

Supervisors must provide feedback on drafts of the exegesis/thesis to ensure that the final document is ready for examination

Students initiate the submission process by logging into the MGRO thesis submission dashboard and completing the required information

For practice-based candidates, a pdf version of the exegesis must be uploaded in the thesis submission dashboard.

For thesis only candidates, a pdf version of the thesis must be uploaded to the thesis submission dashboard.

Supervisors must formally nominate examiners in the thesis submission dashboard

Chair of Examiners endorses the submission

MGRO dispatches the exegesis/thesis to the examiners

22-24 monthsN/A39-42 monthsN/APreparation for

Student prepares the visual work for the examination exhibition

Student must develop an exhibition plan

Supervisors must provide feedback on the visual work and exhibition plan

Student must undertake a risk assessment for the exhibition in SARAH and submit it to the Gallery Manager (if exhibition is in the MADA GAllery) or their supervisor (if exhibition is at any other location)

FGRO liaises with the examiners to book travel and accommodation (if required) and confirms the details in the Exhibition Planner

Gallery Manager books technical support for the installation

Technician liaises with the student, supervisor and gallery manager about the installation

Technician and student install the exhibition

Student organises opening/closing drinks if required

MADA Marketing team promotes the exhibition

FGRO advises MGRO of exhibition opening date

MGRO puts the student 'under examination' on the opening date of the exhibition and the scholarship ceases

Examiners attend the exhibition in person and assess the work

Students can claim reimbursement of expenses up to $600 using the online form.

N/AN/A39-42 months (Arch)N/AViva
PhD candidates

Department AO books the videographer

Department AO places a BIEMS request for chairs etc

Student and supervisor discuss the layout and student is responsible for setting up the room

Head of Department, HDR Coordinator and/or supervisors to provide Marketing with a list of invitees

Marketing promotes the event and sets up the registration process

Viva takes place during the exhibition duration with both examiners attending in person

HDR Coordinator Chairs the viva (unless there is a conflict of interest)

24 months onwards24 months onwards42 months onwards42 months onwardsExamination

Examiners submit their examination reports to MGRO through the online portal. MGRO follows up on delayed reports

MGRO sends both examination reports to the Chair of Examiners

Chair of Examiners reviews the reports and then advises if they can be released to the student and supervisors

Student must make the required amendments

Supervisors must support the students in drafting the required amendments

Student submits a summary of the amendments and the revised exegesis/thesis in the submission portal

MGRO submits a copy of the final exegesis/thesis to Figshare


Student applies to graduate with the Monash University Graduations Unit