How to apply

You need to complete four steps in order to apply to study a graduate research degree and / or a graduate research scholarship.

Before you begin, take a look at our focus areas and labs.

Your research proposal should address one or more of these themes or labs. They’re where our professional artists, designers, architects and urban planners seek to create knowledge, find innovative, industry-leading solutions to complex problems, and communicate the cultural enquiries of our time, and they’re where we’ll be able to support you in your own research.

Your research proposal can also list one or more of our supervisors if you already have a working relationship with them. It’s not essential though, and either way, we’ll work with you to identify suitable experts in your field of research.

Steps 1 & 2

We’ll verify you meet the degree’s requirements and obligations, and determine whether we’re able to support your proposed research with appropriate supervision. Once completed successfully, you’ll be granted an Invitation to Apply.

Steps 3 & 4

You’ll submit your Invitation to Apply as part of your formal application. Note that the process is highly competitive and an Invitation to Apply does not guarantee your application will be successful. Candidature is only offered when all entry criteria are met and verified, and we have the resources and supervisory capacity suitable for your proposed research. Once completed successfully, you’ll be granted a Letter of Offer.

For more information

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