About us

Established in 2011, The Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) builds on a highly successful partnership between Australia’s largest health service, Monash Health and one of our largest Universities, Monash University and brings national and international leadership and reach in women’s health, public health and wellbeing.

This collaborative implementation centre is unique – it enables clinicians, researchers and the community to work together, to improve public health, and provide better health and wellbeing outcomes for the community.

Working with consumers and the community our researchers find and solve, clinical, health service and public health problems. They are research translators – they create evidence to implement change in clinical practice and public health systems for better outcomes. Our research improves outcomes for patients, and delivers health impact both nationally and internationally.

Our core themes of research include:

  • Public health in preconception, pregnancy & postpartum
  • Reproductive women’s health (incl PCOS)
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Cardiovascular health & diabetes
  • Public health across mental health, climate & COVID-!9.
  • Advancing women’s leadership & careers

Our platforms cut across our research themes and include:

  • Big data and the Learning Health System
  • Clinical and public health interventions and trials
  • Community and stakeholder partnership
  • Digital health
  • Education and workforce capacity building
  • Health economcis
  • Implementation, healthcare improvement
  • Research translation and guidelines

We are leaders in PCOS and early menopause research.   Our researchers have updated PCOS guidelines and created resources in that are being used in 193 countries, and also developed the Ask PCOS App .  The Ask Early Menopause App was launched this year to help women and health professionals managed early menopause.

Our  leadership team:

  • Prof Helena Teede (Director)
  • A/Prof Lisa Moran
  • A/Prof Amanda Vincent
  • A/Prof Joanne Enticott
  • A/Prof Cheryce Harrison
  • Dr Rhonda Garad
  • Dr Anju Joham
  • Dr Aya Mousa
  • Dr Rui wang
  • Dr Sandy  Reeder