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Financial Assistance for 2020 BMedSc(Hons) Students

International Monash MD Students who enrol in BMedSc(Hons) in 2020

Every international Monash medical student who enrols in BMedSc(Hons) will receive a 5% discount on the 2020 BMedSc(Hons) fees (~$3,400 discount) and fees can be paid in two instalments. This will be processed automatically upon application for BMedSc(Hons).

Domestic Monash MD Students who enrol in BMedSc(Hons) in 2020

Domestic Monash MD students who enrol in BMedSc(Hons) in 2020 and are experiencing financial hardship, may be eligible for the below financial assistance scheme.

If you believe that you have a strong case for needing financial support, please refer to the eligibility criteria below and fill in the application form via the following link.

Deadline for application submission: Tuesday January 7, 2019

Google Form Application

Financial Assistance Scheme for domestic BMedSc(Hons) students

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, applicants must be:

  • - A current Monash University MD student who has completed Year 4/C in 2019
  • - Currently enrolled, or intending to enrol in BMedSc(Hons) in 2020
  • - Intending to undertake an Honours Project that is physically based at one of the following FMNHS Schools or Departments:
    • Central Clinical School,
    • School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health,
    • School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine,
    • Eastern Health Clinical School or
    • the Department of General Practice
    • (Refer below* for separate opportunities at Monash Rural Health)


  • - An Australian or New Zealand Citizen or
  • - Holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa

AND, be from one or more of the following equity or personal disadvantage groups

  • - Indigenous Australians
  • - Recent refugees
  • - Have a disability or long-term medical condition (must be registered with Disability Support Services)
  • - From regional and remote areas of Australia
  • - Experiencing financial disadvantage (eg previous recipient of Monash equity Scholarship that will cease during BMedSc(Hons), or other evidence of significant financial hardship).

Applicants who are already receiving a Scholarship greater than, or equal to, $5000 will NOT be eligible if they will continue to receive that Scholarship during BMedSc(Hons).

Selection Criteria: Awarded to eligible applicants on the basis of greatest need, as determined by equity score from one or more of the above equity categories.

Number and value: Up to ten students will receive $5000 of financial assistance. Payment is conditional on the student being enrolled in BMedSc(Hons).

Payment will occur after census date in 2020.

*Note that Monash Rural Health have a separate bursary scheme for BMedSc(Hons) students. Please refer to this link for more information.

Monash PSA Insurance Medical Science Honours Scholarship

This scholarship was established from funds donated by the Victorian Medical Insurance Agency and introduced to encourage and attract students to pursue an undergraduate honours degree in medical sciences. The scholarship will assist financially disadvantaged students, who may not have had the opportunity to complete their degree without the scholarship, to gain a greater understanding of academic medicine whilst making their own contribution to the advancement of knowledge.  As a condition of this scholarship, recipients will provide leadership, tutoring and mentoring to other medical students residing in on campus accommodation.

Find out morePSA 2017 Recipients News Story

BMedSc(Hons) 2020 opportunities in Practical Ethics at Oxford University and Monash University

BMedSc(Hons) - Bioethics at Oxford

For the last nine years, medical students have undertaken BMedSc(Hons) in Bioethics at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at Oxford University under the supervision of Professor Julian Savulescu. The Faculty is pleased to announce that such an opportunity will again be possible in 2020 in conjunction with the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University. Students can be based in Oxford at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics or in Melbourne at the Monash Centre for Human Bioethics.

Interested students are asked to submit an expression of interest that includes a CV, an outline of their interest and experience in Bioethics (no more than one page) and an identification of specific areas of interest in Bioethics.

Interested students are encouraged to peruse the websites for both Centres:

Students choosing an Oxford based program will be co-supervised by a member of the Uehiro Centre and a member of the Centre for Human Bioethics. Students will be provided with access to bioethics educational resources and have the opportunity to attend relevant lectures, seminars and workshops. However the work will be primarily research and a high level of independence and maturity are required.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 4pm Monday 15th July 2019

Date for short-listed interviews: 22nd July, 2019

Submissions and questions email: please ensure that you place Oxford Bioethics EOI in the heading of your email.

BMedSc(Hons) opportunities at
Newcastle University(UK)

Colin Ingram Travel Award

Domestic Monash University medical students are invited to apply for a Travel Award that will fund a 3-month exchange to Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, as part of their BMedSc(Hons) project.

One or two Colin Ingram Travel Awards, will be funded. The Travel Award will cover airfares, accommodation and living expenses for a 3-month exchange to Newcastle University (~$5,000 AUD).  The student can spend their entire honours year at Newcastle University if the project requires it, but no additional funding will be available.

The student that receives the Monash-Newcastle BMedSc(Hons) Travel Award will have a main supervisor from Monash University and a Co-supervisor from the University of Newcastle. A high level of independence and maturity are required.

Two Projects that are eligible for the Colin Ingram Travel Award have been submitted for your consideration.

The Colin Ingram Travel Award application form must be submitted to:
The email header should include the words “Colin Ingram Travel Award for BMedSc(Hons)”.

Application deadline is 4.00pm on Friday 19th July, 2019

For more information about this program please contact:
A/Professor Megan Wallace, Director of Medical Student Research

Monash Rural Health BMedSc(Hons) Bursary

This bursary has been introduced to support students who want to pursue a BMedSc(Hons) project with the School of Rural Health. The bursary will assist students financially, and is provided whether projects are based at one of our rural sites or have components that can be conducted from Melbourne. Once students identify a project and co-supervisors, the details of the bursary support can be determined with the project supervisors.


  • One type of bursary is available.
  • Up to $10,000 is available for student support. Examples of this support includes accommodation at an MRH site, conference support, research upskilling short courses.

Number offered

  • One bursary per student (student cannot hold another BMedSc(Hons) scholarship concurrently).


  • Domestic student accepted and enrolled into BMedSc(Hons) course in 2020.
  • Student engaged in a MRH Honours project.

For further information:

Contact: Associate Professor Shane Bullock - and Dr David Reser

Monash Scholarships

Honours Scholarships

Centre for Obesity Research and Education - Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) Scholarship

Core Honours Degree Bachelor of Medical Science Scholarship

Alfred Research Alliance Honours Scholarship

Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) Prize - $1000

Awarded to the student who achieves the highest overall mark for BMedSc(Hons) at Clayton or Malaysia within each academic year.