Practice Tools for Health Practitioners


This PCOS GP Tool is based on the best available evidence and was co-designed with health professionals, and aims to assist in the delivery of evidence-based care.

Download PCOS GP Tool (PDF, 122KB)

PCOS & Diabetes: New management guidelines

Read this concise and instructive article on the interplay between PCOS and diabetes; PCOS and Diabetes: New management guidelines, authored by four MCHRI researchers – Negar Naderpoor PhD, Rhonda Garad PhD, Eleanor Thong PhD, and Prof Helena Teede.

Download the article (PDF, 4.83MB)

Care Plan

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Professor Helena Teede
Executive Director, Monash Partners Academic Health Research Science Centre; Director, Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation, Monash University

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Algorithm 1: Screening, diagnostic assessment, risk assessment and life-stage

Download Algorithm 1 (PDF, 50KB)

Algorithm 2: Prevalence, screening, diagnostic assessment and treatment of emotional wellbeing

Download Algorithm 2 (PDF, 42.4KB)

Algorithm 3: Lifestyle

Download Algorithm 3 (PDF, 42.3KB)

Algorithm 4: Pharmacological treatment for non-fertility indications

Download Algorithm 4 (PDF, 29.8KB)

Algorithm 5: Assessment and treatment of infertility

Download Algorithm 5 (PDF, 50.7KB)


"Recommendations from the international evidence‐based guideline for the assessment and management of polycystic ovary syndrome"

CoMICs Episode 25: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Here is a link to an engaging video on Polycystic ovary syndrome for health professionals. This was developed in collaboration with CoMICs.