School Seminar Program

All are welcome and no RSVP is required.

Usual time: Mondays, 12:30pm–1:30pm

Program coordinated by: Professor Anita Wluka

Staff and students can access past programs on the School intranet.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the School Seminar Program is currently being held online.
Contact us for Zoom details.



Professor Andrew Forbes and Professor Danny Liew, co-Leads of SPHPM's Biostatistics, Data Analytics / Modelling and Health Economics Division The Division of Biostatistics, Data Analytics / Modelling and Health Economics. Awkward name, awesome people. Ready to help you.

This seminar will include case studies by A/Prof James Trauer, A/Prof Zanfina Ademi and A/Prof Emily Callander.



Professor Helen Skouteris, Head, Health and Social Care Unit, SPHPM, Monash University The integration of health and social sciences for health and social care improvement: Introducing the new Health and Social Care Unit

This seminar will also include a presentation by Dr Heather Morris, an early career researcher within the Health and Social Care Unit: Using implementation science and theorising to drive change in health and social care in the community.



Professor Danielle Mazza, Head, Department of General Practice, SPHPM, Monash University Introducing the Department of General Practice

This seminar will also include a presentation by Research Fellow Dr Samantha Chakraborty: Our work in Guideline Development and the IMPROvE Trial.



Associate Professor Paul Lacaze, Head, Public Health Genomics, SPHPM, Monash University Use of polygenic risk scores to improve risk prediction for common diseases of ageing


Prof Noel Woodford and A/Prof Richard Bassed, Department of Forensic Medicine, SPHPM, Monash University Update from the Department of Forensic Medicine


Prof Jane Fisher and Prof Karin Leder, co-Leads of SPHPM's Planetary Health Division  SPHPM's new Division of Planetary Health


Prof Michael Abramson and Prof Carol Hodgson, co-Leads of SPHPM's Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Division, Monash University The Division of Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies

With a focus on research led by our EMCRs:
1. SPRINT SARI Australia (cohort study) – measuring the impact of COVID-19 in Australian Intensive Care Units – Dr Aidan Burrell
2. INTENT (RCT) – changing the way we think about nutrition in critical illness – Dr Emma Ridley



Prof David Dunstan, Head of the Physical Activity Laboratory at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Sit less and move more for cardiometabolic health: Emerging insights and opportunities

Join us as Professor David Dunstan synthesises the observational and experimental evidence on the adverse effects of prolonged, uninterrupted sitting, and the evidence identifying the possible mechanisms underlying the associated risk.

A Medical Education Research and Quality (MERQ) seminar



Professor Jacinta Elston, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous) and Head, William Cooper Institute, Monash University An Aboriginal Health Framework for all Public Health Research


Professor Susannah Ahern and Professor Belinda Gabbe, co-Leads of SPHPM's Clinical and Health data Outcomes Innovation and Research (CHOIR) Division Clinical and Health data Outcomes Innovation and Research – driving quality improvement and health data research