Clinical Research

Our Master of Clinical Research was the first in Victoria and provides a range of analytical and communication skills important for clinical research and practice.

The course is specifically designed for working professionals with busy caseloads. The mixture of online learning and blocks of on-campus teaching days give students the ability to work largely from home, combined with the benefits of sharing ideas with colleagues and mentors in person.

The high level research skills taught in this program create more discerning clinicians and clinical researchers who are able to undertake clinical research, critique the literature and effectively communicate and translate research findings. Students develop a detailed understanding of biostatistics, epidemiology, data management, clinical trials, clinical measurement, ethical practice, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, and critical appraisal of the scientific literature for application in clinical research and practice.

Career fields

Career fields are any that involve the conduct and/or interpretation of clinical research, including clinical work, clinical research, academia, government, non-government organisations and industry.


Master of Clinical Research