Bachelor of Public Health

What is public health?

Public health describes research and application of medical and health principles at a community or population level, rather than at the individual level often found in clinical medicine. It’s health, but on a grand scale, and public health initiatives can improve or save millions of lives.

Public health principles can be applied across the full spectrum of clinical domains, from asthma to Zika, preventing and managing all manner of illness.

About this course

This degree provides a solid foundation in all aspects of public health and is ideal for students who are confident in their plans to forge a career in this area.

Our Bachelor of Public Health will show you how to develop, implement and evaluate health programs and policies that promote health and prevent disease and injury, and understand public health research. It has a global orientation, exploring health challenges familiar to us here in Australia, and overseas.

We produce well-rounded graduates who understand not only the physiological underpinnings of health, but behavioural, environmental, ethical, legal, cultural and social factors that influence how people interact with health services and respond to health advice. Your studies will include aspects of biomedical sciences (such as physiology and pharmacology) and social sciences (such as sociology), along with public health, epidemiology, biostatistics and research methods.

You’ll also walk away understanding the structure of the complex Australian healthcare system and fundamentals about major emerging health challenges.

Areas of study include:

  • Public health
  • Biostatistics
  • Law and ethics
  • Health promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • Preventive medicine
  • Health-program planning and evaluation
  • Health-data management

Career opportunities

The Bachelor of Public Health can give you the edge in an industry looking for recruits with a sound understanding of health and healthcare across a huge range of non-clinical roles.

Our graduates find rewarding opportunities in the following public health areas:

  • Health promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • Disease surveillance and monitoring
  • Data analysis
  • Outbreak and epidemic planning and management
  • Disease prevention
  • Practice and policy
  • Health resource and program planning and management

Employers come from health services, councils, governments, private sector and research institutes.

If you decide to work in a clinical role, you might also consider further study.

This degree serves as a direct entry pathway into the following Monash postgraduate programs that can lead to clinical vocations:

  • Public Health Practitioner (Master of Public Health) *only 1.5 years in duration
  • Clinical Researcher (Master of Clinical Research Methods) *only 1.5 years in duration
  • Registered Nurse (Master of Nursing Practice)
  • Occupational Therapist (Master of Occupational Therapy Practice)
  • Social Worker (Master of Social Work)

Finally, the Bachelor of Public Health is a great pathway to a career in public health research.

You may choose to continue your study with a graduate entry program or postgraduate course. For information on our postgraduate courses, please click here.