Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2005

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Report No.
Key Words
Year /Pages
232 Symmons, M.
Haworth, N.
Safety attitudes and behaviours in work-related driving – Stage 1: Analyses of crash data Fleet safety, work-related driving,
emergency vehicles, couriers, taxis
.pdf [500KB}
233 Mitsopoulos, E.
Regan, M. A.
Anderson, J.
Salmon, P. M.
Edquist, J.
Team Training for Safer Young Drivers and Passengers in the ACT: A Role for Crew Resource Management Young drivers, passengers, driver behaviour, training, Crew Resource Management, teams, road safety 2005/139p
.pdf [870KB]
234 Haworth, N. Mulvihill, C.
Wallace, P.
Symmons, M.
Regan, M.
Hazard perception and responding by motorcyclists – Summary of background, literature review and training methods Motorcycle, motorcyclist training, hazard perception, simulation, rider testing 2005/8p
.pdf [85KB]
235 Haworth, N. Mulvihill, C.
Symmons, M.
Hazard perception and responding by motorcyclists – Background and literature review Motorcycle, motorcyclist training, hazard perception, simulation, rider testing 2005/100p
.pdf [520KB]
236 Wallace, P.
Haworth, N.
Regan, M.
Best training methods for teaching hazard perception and responding by motorcyclists Motorcycle, rider training, hazard perception 2005/61p
.pdf [240KB]
237 Clark, B.
Haworth, N.
Lenné, M.
The Victorian Parliamentary Road Safety Committee – A History of Inquiries and Outcomes Parliamentary Road Safety Committee, Social Development Committee, Road Safety, Parliamentary Inquiry. 2005/236p
.pdf [9.4MB]
238 Newstead, S.
Watson, L.
Trends in crashworthiness of the New Zealand vehicle fleet by year of manufacture: 1964 to 2002 Injury, vehicle occupant protection, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety systems, statistics 2005/99p
.pdf [450KB]
239 Senserrick, T.
Haworth, N.
Review of literature regarding national and international young driver training, licensing and regulatory systems Young driver, driver licensing, driver education, enforcement, minimum drinking age 2005/166p
.pdf [900KB]
240 Haworth, N.
Mulvihill, C.
Review of motorcycle licensing and training Motorcycles, motorcyclist training, motorcyclist testing and licensing 2005/93p
.pdf [320KB]
241 Newstead, S., Cameron, M. & Watson, L. Vehicle safety ratings estimated from police reported crash data: 2005 update. Australian and New Zealand crashes during 1987-2003 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 2005/218p
.pdf [1.6MB]
242 Delaney, A.
Ward, H.
Cameron, M.
The history and development of speed camera use Speed cameras, photo radar, implementation, public acceptance 2005/72p
.pdf [390KB]
243 Mulvihill, C.
Senserrick, T.
Haworth, N.
Development of a model resource for parents as supervisory drivers Young driver, driver licensing, driver education 2005/64p
.pdf [400KB]
244 Oxley, J.
Charlton, J.
Fildes, B.
The effect of cognitive impairment on older pedestrian behaviour and crash risk Pedestrian, safety, older road users, behaviour, functional perform, medical conditions, cognitive impairment, crash risk 2005/63p
.pdf [407KB]
256 Salmon, P. M., Regan, M. A. & Johnston, I. Human error and road transport: Phase one – A framework for an error tolerant road transport system Human error, road safety error, transport safety 2005/135p
.pdf [1MB]