Publication List - Centre Report Series - 1988-1991

Report titles with underlined links will take you to an Abstract or Executive Summary of the report.  Complete reports are available in .pdf format free of charge.

No. Author(s) Title Key Words Year /Pages
1 Smith, PM
Drummond, AE
Infant bassinet and child restraint use survey Traffic survey, safety belt, safety, vehicle occupant, age, infant, child, driver, restraint use, Victoria 1988/32p 
.pdf [230KB]
2 Drummond, AE
Jee, FM
The risks of bicyclist accident involvement Bicycle, cyclist, footway, accident rate, age, survey, risk, exposure, Victoria, crash helmet 1988/68p
.pdf [890KB]
3 Haworth, NL
Heffernan, CJ
Horne, EJ
Fatigue in truck accidents Fatigue (human), accident rate, fatality, safety, driver, attention, hour, Victoria 1989/80p 
.pdf [720KB]
4 Haworth, NL
Heffernan, CJ
Information for development of an educational program to reduce fatigue-related truck accidents Fatigue (human), education, driver information, safety, accident rate, tachograph, hour, lorry, industry, Victoria 1989/31p   
.pdf [2.2MB]
5 Ogden, KW Crashes at bridges and culverts Crashes, bridges, culverts, delineation, safety barriers, guideposts, pavement markers 1989/158p
.pdf [14MB]
6 Howie, DJ Advanced technology and road safety Advanced technologies, machine, vision, expert systems, road safety, bar-codes, tachographs, intelligent highways 1989/18p  
.pdf [1MB]
7 Corben, BF Crashes at traffic signals (guidelines for a traffic engineering safety program of replacing selected intersections signals with roundabouts) Hazardous locations, engineering (traffic), intersection accidents, traffic signals, roundabouts, program guidelines, economic assessment, traffic management 1989/10p
.pdf [51KB]
8 Drummond, AE Pedestrian casualties resulting from collisions with cyclist on the footpath Pedestrian, cyclist, footway, accident rate, injury, survey, Victoria 1989/10p
.pdf [77KB]
9 Drummond, AE An overview of novice driver performance issues - a literature review Recently qualified driver, skill (road user), driving, driver training, education, accident rate, behaviour 1989/49p
.pdf [430KB]
10 Drummond, AE
Vulcan, AP
Data systems study (recommendations for the establishment of improved and more timely accident data systems) Accident data, data acquisition, data bank, data processing, data systems, Victoria, review 1989/41p
.pdf [1.9MB]
11 Corben, BF
Ambrose, C
Foong, CW
Evaluation of accident blackspot treatments Accident prevention, accident black spot, cost benefit analysis, effectiveness evaluation (assessment), intersection, traffic signal, roundabout, traffic engineering 1990/16p
.pdf [960KB]
12 Ozanne-Smith, EJ
Heffernan, CJ
Child injuries associated with nursery furniture Nursery furniture, injuries, child, infant, design, standards, homesafety 1990/16p
.pdf [75KB]
13 Corben, BF
Foong CW
Pro-active traffic engineering safety study. Final report: Part 2 - Right-turn-against crashes at traffic signals Accident prevention, accident proneness, exposure, prediction, regression analysis, traffic signals 1990/16p+app
.pdf [1.9 MB]
14 Ozanne–Smith, EJ
Vulcan, AP
Heffernan-Colman, CJ
Watson, WL
Child accident and injury prevention research in other than road accidents   1991
.pdf [8.3MB]
15 Haworth, NL
Vulcan, AP
Testing of commercially available fatigue monitors   1991/50p  
.pdf [2.2MB]
16 Fildes, BN
Rumbold, G
Leening, A
Speed behaviour and drivers’ attitude to speeding Speed, speed assessment, human factors, driver, vehicle, environment, perception, enforcement, test method 1991/69p+app
.pdf [1MB]
17 Drummond, AE
Ozanne-Smith, EJ
The behaviour and crash involvement risk of child pedestrian and bicyclists: a traffic exposure study Adolescent, behaviour, bicyclist, child, exposure, helmet, injury, pedestrian, traffic 1991/65p+app
.pdf [4.4MB]
18 Haworth, NL
Vulcan, AP
Schulze, MT
Foddy, W
Truck driver behaviour and perceptions study Heavy vehicle driver, attitude (psychol), driver behaviour, accident involvement, fatigue (human), driver training, Victoria 1991/86p
.pdf [4.3MB]
20 Bui, B
Cameron, M
Foong, CW
Effect of right turn phases at signalised intersections. Part 1: safety performance Accident prevention, effectiveness, evaluation, intersection, right turn, road safety, traffic engineering, traffic sign 1991/80p
.pdf [4.5MB]
21 Taylor, MAP Effect of right turn phases at signalised intersections. Part 2: mobility performance Evaluation, capacity, congestion (traffic), intersection, right turn, traffic engineering, flow, traffic flow, traffic signal 1991/80p
.pdf [2.5MB]
22 Henderson, M Education, publicity and training in road safety: a literature review Driver licensing, driver training, public education, young drivers, assessment 1992/70p
.pdf [230KB]
23 Ozanne-Smith, EJ
Watson, W
Product related fires   1991
.pdf [2.1MB]