Study abroad opportunities - Summer and Winter

Applications are closed for this study tour.

Global study programs in Marketing - Europe or China (MKX5521/3521)

The Global Study Program in Marketing, established in 1984, is offered every year to postgraduate and undergraduate students providing first-hand experience with senior marketers and to expose students to the dynamics of different cultures and their impact on marketing.

There are two programs each year. You can only pick one. Each program is worth 6 credit points.

  • January - Europe: Singapore, Dubai, Madrid, Berlin, London (23 days). Focus - marketing in a global arena. Applications open end of May and close end of July.
  • June - China: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing (15 days). Focus - marketing in a global arena. Applications open beginning of February and close end of March.

Both programs, offered between semesters, are challenging, demanding and extremely rewarding. The programs seek to enhance student's career opportunities through;

  • exposure to a diverse range of organisations and marketing practice
  • building personal and professional networks
  • evolution of student's structural problem solving capacity in a marketing context
  • engagement and insights into different cultures and applying these to marketing.

In addition, students undertaking one of these programs can accelerate their degree program.

Students on these programs have unparalleled access Chief Marketing Officers and senior marketing practitioners. These marketers offer insights and perspectives that cannot be found in textbooks; first-hand experience on the development, execution and management of marketing.

During the program students engage in a broad range of cultural activities and spend time independently exploring and discovering different cities with 24 fellow marketing students. There is 24/7 access to two marketing academics to support students through the program.

Who is eligible?

A maximum of 24 students are accepted per study program.

Postgraduate business students (e.g. MBA, Masters, etc.) must have passed a minimum of 4 units (24 credit points) including two marketing units (12 credit points) at time of application and have a WAM >60.

Undergraduate students must be in their 2nd or 3rd year, passed a minimum of 8 units (48 credit points), including two marketing units (12 credit points) at time of application and have a WAM >60. This is a capstone unit for B.Bus and B.Com students and related double degrees.

Pricing and itinerary

Complete the expression of interest form and you can download a brochure covering general information including price and itinerary. It also includes details on how to apply for the program.

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