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Summer and winter: Global Study Program in Marketing

Program overview

Google headquarters, Beijing after presentation by Head of Marketing, Cindy Gottinger

You will meet senior marketers in a diverse range of organisations from world leading brands to start-ups.

Your task on the program will be solving a marketing problem for your client in Australia.

You will be pitching insights and ideas to your client on how to market to consumers through a direct-to-consumer business model.

In addition to academic activities, you will engage in team building exercises and a number of fascinating cultural experiences to broaden your world view and develop new perspectives on opportunities for Australian organisations to plug into increasingly interconnected world markets.

Cubo Drinks; independent creative agency, London. Presentation by Planning Partner, Nick Ward

These programs are not a holiday; they are physically and mentally demanding. These are programs for the curious and those who want to challenge themselves and grasp opportunities rarely available to marketing students.

Students who complete the Global Study Program in Marketing find it to be one of the most rewarding and enriching units in their degree, and a positive step in their career progression, or fundamental in setting the direction of their career either in Australia or internationally.

Regardless of which program you join, these marketing specialist international study programs, open to both undergraduate and postgraduate marketing students, have the same fundamental goal, structure, assessments, and present the same opportunities for personal and skill development.

There are two programs every year. You can only pick one program. Each program is worth six credit points.

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What’s included in the program?

Down time – Out and about in Mumbai

Students in these programs have unparalleled access to chief marketing officers and senior marketing practitioners.

These marketers offer insights and perspectives that cannot be found in textbooks; first-hand experience on the development, execution and management of marketing.

  • Meet and talk to senior marketers from a diverse range of organisations from world leading brands to start-ups.
  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile by growing your professional network
  • Grow your personal network with 23 other amazing marketing students
  • Immerse yourself in a range of distinct cultures through group activities and guided tours.
  • Earn six credit points toward your degree (capstone for UG).
  • Either 15 days or 23 days of international travel.
  • Supported throughout the program by two marketing academics.
  • The price covers transfers, accommodation, breakfast, all group related activities.
  • Airfare, spending money and unit fee are additional costs.

Who is eligible?

A maximum of 24 students are accepted per study program. At time of application students must meet the following criteria;

  • All students applying for this program must create a video up to three-minutes that demonstrates an intellectual curiosity for marketing. Complete the expression of interest form (link below) and you will be able to access a document with all relevant details.
  • Undergraduate - passed a minimum of 72 credit points, including two marketing units and have an overall WAM >60. This is a capstone unit for B.Bus and B.Com students and related double degrees.
  • Postgraduate- (e.g. M. Bus - B60005, M. Mktg - B6010, MBA) passed a minimum of 24 credit points including two marketing units and have a WAM >60. Additional information on work experience, marketing focus and future career direction may be requested to assist in the application process.

Given the high demand for this program, selection criterion is based on the following at time of application;

  • Overall WAM
  • Number of marketing units completed
  • Overall marketing unit WAM
  • Strength of application video.

Details on how to apply, price, itinerary, and other FAQs

  • Complete the expression of interest form and you will be able to access a 13 page document that covers general information including price, itinerary, assessment, how to apply and other frequently asked questions.
  • Australian citizens can apply for OS Help Loans – >$6,000 for Europe and >$8,000 for Asia.

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