Scholarship values

2018 scholarship values

The values below are in Australian dollars and valid for 2018.

Stipend scholarships and allowances

Name of scholarship Rate per annum (full-time) Fortnightly amount (full-time)* Relocation allowance Research allowance
per annum
RTP Stipend



$1,000 (interstate)
$1,500 (overseas)

(Refer to Section 4.4
of the Scholarship Procedures
for more detail)

Monash Graduate Scholarship  
Co-funded Monash Graduate Scholarship  
Monash Equity Scholarship  
Monash Indigenous Research Award  
Maxwell King PhD Scholarship $33,550 $1,285.44 $1,500
Sir James McNeill Scholarship
Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship $33,038 $1,265.82 $550
Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship Top Up $5,685 $217.82   
Monash Graduate Excellence Scholarship $10,000 $383.14   
Indigenous Top Up Bursary $5,000 $191.57   

* The amount per fortnight is based on the number of working days in the year. Fortnightly payments for part-time scholarships are usually half of the full-time rate (if claiming the tax-free threshold).

2018 RTP Fees Offset (Domestic only)

Year Fees Offset Range
2018 $29,900 to $42,900