What is MoVE

MoVE (Monash Virtual Environment) is a digital workspace platform provided to you at Monash to access the specialised software and applications you need, anywhere and anytime. This allows you the benefit of accessing applications on your own device at no cost, simply by logging into your Monash account.

If you are enrolled in learning activities that require MoVE, you may need to bring your own device (laptop or tablet) in order to access the MoVE platform. It is also accessible on computers located in the on-campus computer labs.

Access MoVE

Accessing MoVE

MoVE can be accessed through your web browser using the MoVE Light version (no installation required), or by installing the Citrix Workspace app which provides a better user experience. If you frequently use MoVE, installing the Citrix Workspace app is recommended.


Be aware that maintenance updates for MoVE take place on the third Thursday of every month between 8 - 10am, so the platform (and software) will not be available during this time, therefore you need to plan your study schedule accordingly.

Using MoVE

Once launched, the MoVE workspace will display the programs and applications that you have access to.

From here you can see all of the available apps under the apps tab, or just apps for your faculty by clicking on your faculty tile at the top of the page. By clicking the arrow at the bottom of an app tile, you will be able to open the application, or add it to your favourites on the home tab if you use it frequently.

To launch an application within the MoVE workspace simply double-click on its icon.

Screenshot of MoVE platform home page

Managing files in MoVE

Whenever you use MoVE, make sure you take note of where your work is being saved.

If you need to move a large number of files, exceeding the 2GB limit, it is recommended to map your computer to your Monash Documents folder.


To map a computer to your Monash Documents folder you must be connected to the Monash network, either via an Eduroam internet connection, or if not connected to Eduroam you’ll need to connect to the Monash VPN (Virtual Private Network).

If you need further assistance, please contact the eSolutions Service Desk.