Course maps

Our course maps and handbooks guide you on how to fulfil your course requirements in order to graduate with a MADA degree.

Handbooks are the official statement of courses and units available for study at Monash University. Consult the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Handbook to complete your degree in order, so as to be eligible for course completion and graduation. Remember to refer back to your course handbook regularly to track the progression of your degree, ensuring that you read the handbook edition from the year you started your course.

You will also have to check the course map relevant to the year that you started your degree. Course maps outline the recommended progression for your degree.

You can find 2022 course maps here.

Each course map is a framework that shows core units, specialisations and elective units.

Note: Some course maps include Elective - Level 2/3 units - this means a unit from second-year or third-year level (unit codes that start with 2 or 3).

If you did not commence your studies during Semester 1, you can refer to the course maps page as well as consult the course maps below to guide your course completion:

Transitioned from Monash College at the start of Semester 2 in 2020 or 2021?

If you studied in the Diploma of Art and Design at Monash College, and then started studying in your degree in Semester 2, 2020 or 2021, please use the course maps below: