Entry requirements

Last Updated: 30 May 2023

Minimum Entry Requirements

Monash University's Direct Entry Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) is only open to applicants who have completed Year 12 studies (or VCE equivalent) no more than two years prior, and have not commenced other studies at a tertiary level during that time. Applicants who have commenced tertiary study, including Certificate IV and above, are ineligible to apply for this course and should consider the graduate entry program.

ATAR or Year 12 Equivalent

The minimum ATAR to be eligible is 90, but in most intakes the final ATAR is significantly higher due to the competition of a large number of applicants from a national pool, for a relatively small number of places.

QualificationEnglish*ChemistryEquivalent Year 12
VCEUnits 3 and 4: a study score of at least 35 in English (EAL) or 30 in English other than EALUnits 3 and 4: a study score of at least 30 in ChemistryRefer to Find a Course website for prior year lowest selection rank
IBA score of at least 5 in English SL or 4 in English HL, or 6 in English B SL or 5 in English B HLA score of at least 5 in Chemistry SL or 4 in Chemistry HLMinimum 39 overall

Year 12 Biology is recommended. If you have not studied Biology, you will have the opportunity to participate in a free online Biology Bridging Course which will be available as soon as you have received a Monash email address. For more information on this program please contact biology-bridging-course@monash.edu


All domestic applicants must complete the University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand (UCAT ANZ). UCAT ANZ results contribute toward the overall ranking for entry into the course. The indicative UCAT ANZ score to be considered for interview is 3000. Please note, this indicative UCAT ANZ score would not apply to a Dean's Rural List applicant. The indicative UCAT ANZ score to be considered for interview for a Dean's Rural List applicant is 2700.

Candidates intending to apply for entry into the direct entry medicine course in 2024 must take the UCAT ANZ in 2023. UCAT ANZ testing will be held between 03 July and 11 August 2023. The timely registration deadline is 17 May 2023, but late bookings are open through 5 June 2023. Refer to the website for more information about UCAT ANZ application and test dates.

Age Requirement

The Faculty is required to adhere to the University's age requirements for admission.

In addition, any applicant under the age of 17 years at the time of course commencement will be required to meet with the Deputy Dean (Medicine), or their representative, and may have additional enrolment requirements, such as deferral of their place, imposed upon them. Those who are allowed to enrol will also be required to attend regular meetings which are required by law to continue until they have turned 17.