About us

With expertise developed over a 40-year history, the Department of Social Work is a leader in Social Work education in Australia. We are an academic unit in the School of Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, located at Caulfield Campus. The mission of the department is to train students to be skilled, work-ready social work professionals who use critical thinking and research evidence to successfully engage with people and communities to promote meaningful change.

We are one of the largest and most diverse AASW accredited Master of Social Work programs in Australia. We utilise a range of cutting edge, effective teaching approaches including Practice labs, Integrating Science and Practice (ISAP) applications, simulations with standardised actors, Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE), and University-supported Work Integrated Learning. We also offer research higher degree programs where students can train to become outstanding scholars and leaders in the field. Our programs are offered on-campus and we also have a well-developed Distance Education option. We have an international reputation for research into areas such as child abuse, domestic and family violence, youth justice and mental health.

Our history