Higher degree Research in Social work

Since commencement in 1997, our graduates have pursued a range of exciting and influential careers in academia, industry research, and advanced practice.

Many of our students come to higher degree research studies a number of years after graduation, after developing a concern or curiosity about their practice. Our flexible program allows students to study part-time so they can continue working in the field.

The Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Program offers candidates the opportunity to develop:

  • evidence-based independent and collaborative research
  • knowledge to enrich social work education and community debate
  • public policy and related practice
  • contributions to developing more effective and equitable responses where there is social disadvantage
  • understanding how structural and individual factors affect societal functioning and social capital
  • partners with government and non-government community service providers and other policy bodies to provide program evaluation, advice and advocacy and offer community comment, conference presentations, and other key contributions.

The HDR program is a flexible degree that:

  • has between 20 to 30 students enrolled in PhD or Master of Philosophy programs in any given year
  • supports both full-time and part-time students (many students study part-time so they can engage in direct/clinical practice).
  • has a cohort that is diverse in terms of interest areas, theoretical and methodological orientation, and educational background.

Areas of research

Our students are engaged in research in a range of social work related areas including:

HDR conferences

A core part of our successful program are the biannual, two-day Social Work Postgraduate conferences, held in February and June/July each year. These conferences are one of the ways we facilitate Monash University attendance requirements.

The conferences provide students with a range of learning and development opportunities including:

  • peer contact and exchange
  • exposure to Monash professional and academic staff
  • discipline specific research training (some of which is accredited as part of the required hours of professional development training in the Monash Doctoral Program)
  • undertaking and participating as an audience member in required milestone presentations
  • learning about research activity in the Department.

How to apply

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