Higher Degree Research students

Completed Doctorates

Dr Tess Bartlett

Thesis title: Imprisoned primary carer fathers in Victoria and their experiences of arrest and imprisonment
Completed: 2018
Supervisors: Dr Catherine Flynn, Professor Chris Trotter, Associate Professor Anna Eriksson

Dr Tim Warton

Thesis title: The development of a criminal identity amongst adolescent males
Supervisors: Professor Chris Trotter and Professor Colleen Lewis

Dr Shelley Turner

Thesis title: Case management in juvenile justice: clients’ perspectives
Completed: 2019
Supervisors: Professor Chris Trotter, Professor Louise Farnworth, Professor Gill McIvor

Dr Philippa Evans

Thesis title: Challenging pro-criminal attitudes and behaviours of juvenile offenders
Supervisors: Professor Chris Trotter

Dr Alannah Burgess

Thesis title: ‘The invisible barrier’: Mental illness as a mediator of mothers’ participation in the Victorian Criminal Justice System
Completed: 2016
Supervisors: Dr Catherine Flynn, Professor Chris Trotter, Dr Kay McAuley

Dr Susan Baidawi

Thesis title: An integrated exploration of psychological distress among older prisoners
Completed: 2017
Supervisors: Professor Chris Trotter (Social Work), Dr Catherine Flynn (Social Work), Professor Daniel O’Connor (Psychiatry)

Dr Catherine Flynn

Thesis title: Waiting for mum: The impact of maternal incarceration on adolescent children
Completed: 2009
Supervisors: Professor Rosemary Sheehan and Professor Chris Trotter

Dr Cath Powell

Primary Supervisors: Professor Chris Trotter

Dr Che Mohd Nasi

Primary Supervisors: Professor Chris Trotter

Dr Tony Zalewski

Primary Supervisors: Professor Chris Trotter

Doctoral Student Supervision

Members of the CJRC are responsible for the supervision of PhD students via the cross-disciplinary panel model.

If you are interested in undertaking a research degree (PhD or Masters) in a criminal justice related field please email the CJRC.

If you are interested hearing more about how you can be involved as a supervisor, or in establishing or joining an interdisciplinary supervision team, please email the CJRC.

Current Doctoral Candidates

Thesis title: The relationship between the style of professional supervision and practitioner skill development.

Thesis title: “There’s something a little bit different going on out here”: Alcohol and other drug recovery in the urban-rural interface in Victoria, Australia.