Monash University Criminal Justice Research Consortium (CJRC)

The CJRC was established in 2006 by Founding Director Emeritus Professor Chris Trotter.  Hosted within the Department of Social Work, the CJRC functions as a semi-virtual network of participants from a number of faculties of Monash University. The CJRC operates collegially, addressing its objectives by facilitating interaction internally and externally. It supports and enhances criminal justice-related research activities across the university, without disenfranchising existing programs or diminishing the autonomy of researchers.

The CJRC adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to research and research supervision. We are acknowledged leaders in criminal justice research and a major contributor to policy development, through the application of combined expertise to the complex questions of criminal justice.

The CJRC is co-directed by Dr Catherine Flynn and Dr Susan Baidawi supported by Founding Director Emeritus Professor Chris Trotter.


For further information on the CJRC or to make a general enquiry you can email