Professor Rosemary Sheehan

Professor Rosemary Sheehan

Director, Higher Degrees by Research Programme


Telephone: +61 3 9903 1134
Facsimile: +61 3 9903 1141


Professor  Rosemary Sheehan (B.Soc.Stud:Syd; MSW:LaT; PhD:Monash), teaches mental health  in the postgraduate social work programme and is Director of the Higher Degrees  by Research programme.  Her published research covers a range of areas:  child welfare and the law, family violence, mental health, judicial and  corrections responses to offenders, with particular reference to women  offenders, and social work curricula.  Her publications include:  Magistrates' Decision-Making in Child Protection Cases (Ashgate, 2001) and  Australia’s Children’s Courts Today and Tomorrow (with Allan Borowski) (2013,  Springer, USA), are the first studies of their kind to examine the work of  judges in the Children's Court and the factors that influence judicial  decision-making in child maltreatment cases.  Working with Women Offenders  (2007, Willan, UK), Working with women offenders in the community (2010,  Willan, UK) and Women’s Transitions from Prison, with A/Prof Chris Trotter  (Taylor and Francis, UK, examine what are effective practices in responding to  women offenders.  Children and the Law: International Approaches to Children  and their Vulnerabilities (with Helen Rhoades and Nicky Stanley) (2012, Jessica  Kingsley, UK) investigates the child welfare jurisdiction and the  contemporary challenges for children and vulnerability. Within whose parents  are incarcerated.  Rosemary Sheehan has 17 years’ experience conducting  alternative dispute resolution conferences at the Children's Court,  Victoria.  Her current research projects include: child protection and  legal responses to cumulative harm in children (DHHS, Victoria) and the  cross-over between youth offending and child protection in children and young  people before the Children's Court, Victoria (AIC funded).

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