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Welcome  to the Supervised Professional Practice program in the Social Work Department  at Monash University.

The  Department of Social Work at Monash has a well-developed Supervised  Professional Practice program servicing students undertaking Social Work  degrees.  Supervised Professional Practice (SPP) is a structured  educational program where students undertake two 500 hour supervised  professional practice units, one in the first year of study, the other in the  second year of study.

Supervised  professional practice is undertaken in a Human Service Organisation under the  supervision of a professional and experienced Social Worker. The purpose of the  SPP program is to enable students to put into practice the social work theory  and skills being learnt at university. A number of partnerships have been  established by the field education team to offer students exciting learning  opportunities in health, education and community services in government and  non-government organisations across Australia and internationally.

Supervised professional practice placement opportunities include-working  with individuals, groups and communities, as well as project, social policy and  research focused placements.

Professional Practice occurs in two blocks:

Exact  start and finish dates vary.  Students must complete a minimum of 500  hours of supervised professional practice.  The average working day is 7.5  hours.  Most placements will take place full-time for 14 weeks during the  following periods:

SWK3180 and SWM5108:  June to September

SWK4560 and SWM5103: September to December

Placement  are usually undertaken full-time for all students enrolled in 'on-campus' study  however part-time placements are available for both cohorts (on and off campus)  in negotiation with the SPP unit coordinators.

Professional Practice Information and Resources

Mandatory reading:

SPP – Field Education: Documents & Forms for Students

SPP – Field Education: Documents & Forms for Agencies and Staff