Graduate Research

A graduate research degree is the perfect way to advance your career in clinical or public health, with skills transferable across research, government and industry, here and around the world. We offer two graduate research degrees: the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil).

Study with us

To view our current graduate research opportunities, visit Supervisor Connect.

Prospective international students should consult the Monash University Admissions page to obtain relevant information on studying at Monash.

As a candidate you’ll be supported by our robust and well-established graduate research program. The success of this program is reflected in our impressive timely completion rate, one of the highest in the Faculty. You’ll have access to a stellar range of public health and clinical research supervisors and securely funded projects, as well as expert support across biostatistics, data management and computing.

Our co-location at the Alfred Precinct, and membership of the Alfred Research Alliance, gives our students unrivalled access to world-leading clinical and research experts across an incredibly diverse healthcare spectrum. Your time with us is an amazing opportunity to learn from and network with potential future employers and mentors, and work in an environment conducive to cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge.

Many of our graduates have proceeded to obtain prestigious post-doctoral awards. By enrolling with us, you’ll join our current cohort of over 160 graduate research students.

"Conducting my PhD in this School was a great experience. The large student cohort made me feel part of something larger, and the support staff were always there to remind me about pending milestones, and to celebrate them as they passed."

– Dr Rongbin Xu, PhD

Read more from Rongbin here

"My PhD was really about how researchers can work smarter, delivering trials that are complex and scientifically robust, but are lean on budgets and reduce resource wastage."

– Dr Kelsey Grantham, PhD

Read more from Kelsey here.

Our research areas

You can choose a research project from a broad and fascinating spectrum of clinical domains and methodologies:

Why study public health?

Public health skills and knowledge are transferrable across the most important, rapidly developing and exciting projects in medicine, and to almost any clinical specialty.

A graduate research degree in public health opens doors to:

  • Clinical research and clinical trials
  • Global health
  • Epidemiology
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Occupational and environmental health
  • Health services research and management
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical device industry
  • Quality assurance and outcome measurement in research
  • Health economics
  • Health policy and regulation at state, national or international levels

How do I choose a project?

Your relationship with your supervisor will be one of the most significant career relationships you develop. Finding the right supervisor is as important as finding the right project. We introduce candidates to potential supervisors either face-to-face or by video, and encourage candidates to ask questions that will help you decide if you are the right fit.

To view our current graduate research opportunities, please visit Supervisor Connect. You can see a list of thesis titles from our recently conferred graduates here.

Projects are suitable for candidates if they:

  • are scientifically worthwhile
  • can be undertaken successfully with the available resources
  • provide training in appropriate skills
  • can be completed within 3 years and 3 months

Considerable judgement is needed to identify projects meeting these requirements and most students will need to be advised about appropriate studies, especially in the early stages of their enrolment. Whenever possible, students undertaking GR studies within our School are attached to a major funded study and their work involves "substudies" within the larger project. Before choosing a project, prospective students should review the research activities within the School to identify areas of interest.

What skills will I develop?

As a graduate research student you’re expected to undertake coursework in epidemiology and biostatistics, and are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops and other relevant professional development forums. These will build your technical, analytical and communication skills, subject matter expertise, and confidence, as well as provide opportunities to network with peers and experts.

You’ll develop specific skills in:

  • Protocol development
  • Design and conduct of research in humans
  • Data management and statistical analysis
  • Scientific writing and communication
  • Critical appraisal and interpretation of medical literature
  • High level knowledge of the chosen field of study


Information on available scholarships can be found on the Monash Graduate Research Office website.

How to apply

Once you have found a project you like and have connected with your supervisor, you will need to apply for the course and a scholarship via the Monash Graduate Research Office website.

Further information and contact

For further information on graduate research at our School, please contact the Graduate Research Administrator via email or phone +61 3 9903 0276.

Prospective international students should consult Monash University Admissions to obtain relevant information on studying at Monash.