Occupational and Environmental Health

Occupational and
Environmental Health

Our flexible multi-modal course allows you to study while working, giving you the option to attain core skills in occupational and environmental health while also pursuing your specialization or interests within our varied unit offerings. Whether it be conducting workforce health checks and ergonomic assessments, auditing industrial sites for safety or researching toxic exposure effects in at-risk workforces, occupational and environmental health offers a huge array of career options.

This course is designed for students from a wide range of health and science backgrounds including clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, scientists and occupational health and safety managers. Graduates learn how to plan healthy workplaces; prevent work-related illness; assess, identify and manage hazards; and communicate health risks effectively.

The Monash Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health coordinates the course and gives students access to leaders in the largest such centre in Australia. With research interests across industry, veteran and military health, occupational disease surveillance and exposure assessment, we have broad expertise to pass on to you.

The course is accredited by the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board and Graduates of the course are therefore eligible to apply for certification as Certified OHS Graduate (COHSGrad) or Professional (COHSProf).

Career fields

Career fields include: health and safety executives, OHS managers, environmental health managers, risk managers, occupational hygienists, environmental health officers, OHS coordinators, and safety officers.


Master of Occupational
and Environmental Health

Graduate Diploma of Occupational
and Environmental Health