Dr Amelia Liu

amelia liu

FEI Quanta 3D FIB/SEM Manager


Quanta Manager, MCEM 2014 -
JEOL JEM-2100F FEGTEM Manager, MCEM 2013 - 2014
Margaret Clayton Research Fellow, School of Physics, Monash University 2009 - 2013
Engineering Department Fellow, Department of Materials Engineering, Monash University 2008 - 2009
Research Associate, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory 2004 - 2007
PhD, University of Melbourne 2003

Research Interests

Amelia ‘s research interests focus on understanding the structure of disordered solids like glasses and amorphous materials. She was recently awarded the AMMS FEI Cowley-Moodie Award for Research in the Physical Sciences for the development of new S/TEM-based techniques to characterise the atomic structure of disordered materials.


  • FEI Quanta 3D Training Course.
  • Fundamentals of Dual Beam Microscopy: Applications on a Quanta 3D FEG.

Selected Publications

  • C. Hu, A. C. Y. Liu, M. Weyland, S. Hadi Madani, P. Pendleton, F. Rodriguez-Reinoso, K. Kaneko, M. J. Biggs, “A multi-method study of the transformation of the carbonaceous skeleton of a polymer-based nanoporous carbon along the activation pathway”, Carbon, 85, 119-134, (2015).
  • K. D. Deshmukh, T. Qin, J. K. Gallaher, A. C. Y. Liu, E. Gann, K. O'Donnell, L. Thomsen, J. M. Hodgkiss, S. E. Watkins and C. R. McNeill, "Performance, morphology and photophysics of high open-circuit voltage, low band gap all- polymer solar cells", Energy and Environmental Science, 8, 332-342, (2015).
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  • L. Gorecki, A. C. Y. Liu and T. C. Petersen, “High-resolution radial distribution function of pure ion-implanted amorphous silicon measured using tilted-illumination selected area electron diffraction”, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 20, 50-54, (2014).
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  • S. A. Eastwood, D. M. Paganin, and A. C. Y. Liu, “Automated phase retrieval of a single-material object using a single out-of-focus image”, Optics Lett., 36, 1878, (2011) and also featured in the Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics (VJBO).
  • A. C. Y. Liu, D. M. Paganin, L. Bourgeois, and P. N. H. Nakashima, “Projected thickness reconstruction form a single defocused transmission electron microscope image of an amorphous object”, Ultramicroscopy, 111, 959, (2011).
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  • A. C. Y. Liu, R. Arenal, D. J. Miller, Xidong Chen, J. A. Johnson, O. L. Eryilmaz, A. Erdemir and John. B. Woodford, “Structural order in near-frictionless diamond-like carbon films probed at three different length scales in the transmission electron microscope”, Phys. Rev. B. 75, 205402, (2007).