Dr Russell King

russell king

TEM Engineer / MCEM Safety Officer


Russell King worked for Seagate Technology as a Senior Research Engineer at their disc drive read/write head fabrication facility in Londonderry. Prior to this he worked on active matrix display technologies for GEC Research and in LSI Logic’s London wafer fabrication plant manufacturing application specific integrated circuits.

After completing an atom probe related D Phil at Oxford, Russell worked as a project engineer building the first commercial 3D Atom Probe.


  • FEI Tecnai T20 Training.
  • JEOL JSM-2100F TEM Training.
  • TEM Sample Preparation Training.

Other Activities

  • MCEM Safety Officer.
  • Member of the MCEM OHS Team.
  • MCEM Deputy Building Warden.
  • MCEM First Aid Officer.
  • MCEM Breathing Apparatus Team.