MCEM is now using the Agilent iLab booking system

MCEM has moved to the iLab booking system and consequently all current and new Users must submit a New Project Request Form.

For current Users where their microscopy work is continuing unchanged and no additional training is requested a New Project Meeting will not be necessary.

Access steps (all current and new Monash MCEM Users (Lab Members))

For further information about MCEM please download the MCEM User Manual.

Access steps are summarised below and are described in more detail following.

  1. Register with iLab (most people will have been pre-registered) and select your PI/Group;
  2. Request MCEM access;
  3. Submit a New Project Request Form;
  4. If necessary, attend a New Project Meeting to determine your microscopy and training needs (your PhD supervisor must also attend).

Please follow the instructions below to register with iLab and to request access to MCEM:

An overview of the iLab registration process for PIs and Lab Members is given here. For iLab Help see here.

Principal Investigator (PI) Registration:

Each Principal Investigator (the Chief Investigator in the Australian context) must create a Laboratory/Research Group in iLab. It is best if the Laboratory/Research Group has been set up before Lab Members try to register with iLab. When a Lab Member registers with your Lab you will receive a notification email from iLab requesting your approval of their request. The email will provide instructions on how to approve their request and assign Funds.

  1. PI registers with iLab (see short video and/or the overview of the iLab registration process for PIs and Lab Members given here). Most PIs will have been pre-registered with iLab so you may already be registered.
  2. Monash iLab administrator creates the Laboratory/Research Group and assigns the PI.
  3. PI requests access to their fund(s) (this will be approved by the Monash iLab administrator).

Lab Member Registration:

Lab Members must register with their PI’s Laboratory/Research Group.

  1. Lab Member registers with iLab and selects their PI/Group (see here). Most Lab Members will have been pre-registered with iLab so you may already be registered.
  2. PI approves the Lab Member's access to their Laboratory/Research Group, see here.
  3. PI assigns Fund(s) to be used by the Lab Member, see here.

Request access to MCEM:

  1. After registering with iLab, login to iLab, go to the Core Facilities page and select MCEM. This will start the MCEM Request Access process.

Submit New Project Request Form (all current and new MCEM Users):

  1. After being granted access to MCEM the "New User and Service Requests" tab will be available when you login to MCEM's iLab page. Click on this tab and select "initiate request" next to "New Project Request - (NPR)" to start the New Project Request process. All current MCEM Users and new Users must fill in a New Project Request. A New Project Meeting will not be needed for most on-going Projects. MCEM will arrange New Project Meetings for new Projects and existing Projects that have changed significantly (for example, change in purpose, PI or materials).
  2. After the New Project Request has been accepted you will be advised of your new Project Number (all current Projects will be closed by 31st March and new Project numbers will be allocated) as well as new operating procedures and booking rules.
  3. Microscope licences for existing users with accepted Projects will be made active in iLab starting in March. Users will be able to start making microscope bookings for April from mid-March.
  4. Initially only microscope bookings will be available in iLab. Bookings using iLab for other equipment will commence later, perhaps starting in May.
  5. The existing booking system will be unavailable to users from April.
  6. “Help” files in the current booking system will be available to MCEM users on an intranet site accessible to people in the “N: drive” group.

Building access under COVID-19 restrictions

To reactivate your access to the MCEM building, you need to complete a short Moodle OHS course “COVID19 User Induction”. You will be automatically enrolled in this course when you Project Request is processed.


Unfortunately, due to OHS restrictions, all training of new users and training of existing users on new equipment continues to be postponed until further notice. This includes accredited courses CEM6881 and CEM6882. We will let you know as soon as training recommences.

We appreciate your efforts and patience during this transition. If you have any questions or issues with registration or using the system please do not hesitate to contact MCEM or contact the Monash Institution Administrator.

Please note that due to the heavy demand for MCEM facilities and for training, it is very difficult for the Centre to accommodate urgent requests. At times the wait to commence training can exceed one month for the SEMs and TEMs and it may take longer than two weeks before samples can be examined by a MCEM staff member.

ACCESS Steps for External Users

The procedure to be followed by someone external to Monash wanting to gain access to MCEM is essentially the same as detailed above but with two changes:

  1. The login process for the Lab Member and PI is different, see here.
  2. Assignment of the Fund source by the PI is different, see here.

Upcoming New Project Meeting Dates

Applicants to use MCEM facilities are interviewed after receipt of the New Project Request Form. The next New Project Meetings will be held on:

  • Tuesday 14th July, 2020
  • Tuesday 11th August, 2020
  • Tuesday 8th September, 2020

Applications must be received 10 days prior to the meeting dates above to allow sufficient time for processing. Applications received after this time will be scheduled for the following month's meetings.