Dr Xi-Ya Fang

xi-ya fang

Microscope Scientist

SEM Manager and SEM Sample Preparation Manager


Xi-Ya Fang joined the MCEM in February 2010, coming from the Department of Materials Engineering in Monash University.

Xi-Ya started her PhD at the Central South University in China in 2005. Her PhD project focused on the relationship between microstructure and deformation behaviour of magnesium alloys. She was awarded a scholarship for her research from the China Scholarship Council and the Engineering Faculty of Monash University which allowed her to carry out her PhD project in Monash University from 2007 to 2009. After completing her PhD in 2009, she undertook a postdoctoral research fellow position at the Department of Materials Engineering in Monash University working further on the microstructure of deformed magnesium alloys. Having spent years in the electron microscopy, Xi-Ya has gained a wide range of skills and extensive experience in the materials characterisation area.

Research Interests

High resolution SEM imaging; EBSD analysis.


  • Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy: Theory and Applications in Physical Sciences.
  • Fundamentals of Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD).
  • JEOL JSM-7001F Training Course.
  • FEI Nova NanoSEM Training Course.
  • FEI Magellan Training Course.

Selected Publications

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