Thermo Scientific Spectra φ FEGTEM

Instrument Manager: A/Prof. Matthew Weyland

Instrument Location: G23

Description: The Spectra - φ (Phi) is a high brightness, monochromated field emission gun (X-FEG) transmission electron microscope. It is fitted with fifth order spherical aberration corrector in the probe forming lenses, and a third order spherical aberration corrector in the image forming system. It has STEM resolution of half an angstrom (0.05 nm), and an energy resolution of less than 20 milli electron volts. Its unique column is optimised for optical flexibility, with alignment free voltage switches from 30 to 300kV, and high speed, megapixel, direct electron imaging.

Technical Configuration: Monochromated FEG-TEM/STEM; X-FEG source with double Wein field monochromator, Operates at 30kV, 60kV, 80kV, 200kV and 300kV; Full range constant power SuperTWIN pole piece, with rapid (<30min) HT switch to stable; New aperture strip design with 15-17 apertures per position. Clean N 2 flush holder load/unload. Motorised beam stop with drop in aperture slot. CEOS SCORR+ probe Cs corrector; CEOS CETCOR+ image Cs corrector; Pre-spectrometer Gatan K3 IS direct electron camera (5760x4092) and Gatan OneView CMOS (4096x4096) camera. Gatan Continuum 1069HR Imaging filter, with GIF CMOS camera (4096x4096), K3 IS (4096x4096) and on-axis BF/ADF detectors; Super-X  Quad array X-ray detector (0.9 sr); Panther 16 Quadrant STEM detector; Thermo EMPAD direct electron detector (128x128); 3-axis piezostage; Fischione Instruments 3000 annular dark field STEM detector; high stability tomography goniometer; Gatan 636 Double tilt cooling holder; Gatan HCHTR3000 Double tilt He holder; Fischione Instruments 2020 ultra-high tilt tomography holder; Fischione Instruments 2021 ultra-high tilt analytical tomography holder; Fischione Instruments 2040 Dual-axis advanced tomography holder; Fischione Instruments 2050 on-axis rotation tomography holder; Protochips Aduro/Fusion, 4 channel, Double tilt heating/biasing holder. Mel-build double tilt, low background, vacuum transfer holder.