Thermo Scientific Helios 5 UX FIB-SEM


Instrument Manager: Dr Yang Liu

Instrument Location: G26

Description: A high resolution FIB-SEM with the addition of a high-current, low-energy argon ion beam for preparing artefact-free polished surfaces and TEM lamellae. The instrument will be equipped with the latest high speed EDX & EBSD and ToF-SIMS analytical detectors enabling 4D data acquisition plus light element detection, such as lithium. In addition, it has a complete cryogenic and controlled atmosphere transfer solution capable of working with beam and air sensitive specimens. Together this will allow the preparation and high-resolution structural and chemical characterisation of a range of materials.  A focused Ga+ FIB column and platinum, carbon, tungsten and gold gas injection chemistries will enable high-fidelity surface patterning for the fabrication of nanoscale functional materials.

Technical Configuration: TBA