Dr Zhou Xu

Microscope Scientist

Cathodoluminescence Manager


Zhou completed his Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering from Monash University in 2014. He continued postdoc research on a number of industry-linked projects between ARC Centre of Excellence for Design in Light Metals, Baosteel Co., Huaneng Co., and Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing. He then joined FEI Company Shanghai Nanoport in 2015 (now part of Thermofisher Scientific) as an application specialist, responsible for the product marketing and training of aberration corrected TEM and environmental Titan ETEM; and later as product specialist in Thermofisher Scientific Australia taking care of various material science related products.

Zhou joined Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy in 2018 and returned to his beloved electron microscopy.

Research Interests 

Development and application of analytical electron microscopy techniques, Crystallography, Low kV SEM.


  • Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy: Theory and Applications in Physical Sciences.
  • FEI Nova NanoSEM Training Course.
  • FEI Magellan Training Course.

Selected Publications

  • H. Liu, Y. Gao, Z. Xu, Y.M. Zhu, Y. Wang, J.F. Nie, "Guided Self-Assembly of Nano-Precipitates into Mesocrystals", Scientific Reports, 5(2015)16530
  • Y.M. Zhu, H. Liu, Z. Xu, Y.Z. Wang, J.F. Nie, "Linear-chain configuration of precipitates in Mg-Nd alloys", Acta Materialia, 83(2015) 239-247
  • Z. Xu, M. Weyland, J.F. Nie, "Shear transformation of coupled β1/β' precipitates in Mg-RE alloys: A quantitative study by aberration corrected STEM", Acta Materialia, 81(2014) 58-70
  • Z. Xu, M. Weyland, J.F. Nie, "On the strain accommodation of intermediate precipitates in magnesium alloy WE54", Acta Materialia, 75(2014) 122-133
  • Y. Gao, H. Liu, R. Shi, N. Zhou, Z. Xu, Y.M. Zhu, J. F. Nie and Y.Z. Wang, "Simulation study of precipitation in an Mg–Y–Nd Alloy", Acta Materialia, 60(2012): 4819-4832.