Acknowledging MCEM

Your publications – Please Let Us Know!

Please let us know when you publish!

It is a condition of use of MCEM that you provide us with an electronic copy of any publications arising from your use of MCEM facilities by Email.

MCEM requires this information to report to the many funding bodies, that enable you to access the advanced instrumentation, expertise and training at MCEM (and to do so at very heavily subsidised rates).

MCEM also enjoys seeing the outcomes of your research work and it helps MCEM identify any areas where more support or better instrumentation could be provided.

So PLEASE REMEMBER - you must send us your publications!

How to acknowledge MCEM

Please acknowledge the contributions of MCEM!

You can do this simply by including the following text in the acknowledgements:

Where MCEM staff provided assistance (but not enough to justify a co-authorship):

"The authors acknowledge use of the facilities and the assistance of NAME OF MCEM STAFF MEMBER(S) at the Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy, a Node of Microscopy Australia."


Where you carried out all the work or one or more MCEM staff are co-authors:

"The authors acknowledge use of the facilities and assistance at the Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy, a Node of Microscopy Australia."

In addition, specific instruments funded by the ARC (as listed in the table below) should be acknowledged as follows:

"This research used equipment funded by Australian Research Council grant(s) (select from table below)."

MCEM instruments funded by the ARC

FEI Titan

ARC Funding (LE0454166)

FEI Quanta 3D FIB

ARC Funding (LE0882821)


ARC Funding (LE110100223)

DELMIC Sparc CL System (On Nova)

ARC Funding (LE140100104)