MCEM Courses

MCEM offer a range of different course options depending on your needs.

  • Online Courses: A suite of online courses on different aspects of electron microscopy and related topics is available to all MCEM users. These courses are there to help you learn about microscopy. Please note that they are optional and not part of any formal training courses.
  • Hands-On Training Courses: MCEM offers a range of courses, some of which are necessary to complete successfully before gaining access to the electron microscopes. Your training needs will be identified during your initial New Project Interview.
  • CEM6881/CEM6882 Units: MCEM offer two certified courses within the Faculty of Engineering for students enrolled in a postgraduate degree. If you are a student enrolled in a postgraduate degree within the Faculty of Engineering and have been accepted for training at MCEM, you may enrol in CEM6881 or CEM6882. Passing the MCEM SEM or TEM training program will give you full credit to CEM6881 or CEM6882, respectively.