Healthy Sleep Clinic

About the Healthy Sleep Clinic

Everybody's sleep problems are different. We offer comprehensive assessments and individualized treatments that are tailored to each client. Before commencing our program below, an initial consultation with a sleep physician will be arranged to determine whether our treatment program is right for you. If suitable, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment and then develop a multi-component program based on each client's needs.


The initial consultation with the sleep physician is bulk billed.

A small fee covers the comprehensive CBT-I package or circadian re-entraining. This includes visits with our sleep psychologists, which are rebatable through a care plan provided by your GP.

How to access our services

To set up an initial consultation with a sleep physician, you will need a referral from a GP. You will need additional referrals from a GP for the individual and group sessions with our sleep psychologists. We recommend that you obtain all referrals during your visit to your GP so you can receive the full benefits of our service without delay.

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