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Tired drivers put to the test in an Australian first study

Technology to detect excessive fatigue among drivers is being tested in an Australian-first trial.

VicRoads and researchers at Monash University are embarking on a 12 month project to explore the capability of fatigue detection technologies,

Psychological Sciences 19 October, 2018

Enhancing Computational Neuroscience through international collaboration

We are privileged to have key international researcher, Prof Gustavo (Gus) Deco, visiting MICCN this month from Spain.

Turner Institute 20 September, 2017
Samara Wilson

Alcohol, drugs, and the impact on partners

When we think of issues surrounding alcohol and other drug use, we usually only consider the direct effects on the consumer. Such problematic issues, however, also heavily impact the partners, who face an increased risk of experiencing domestic

Turner Institute 20 September, 2017

Helping Aussie kids reach their full potential

The human brain undergoes massive developmental change from infancy to early adulthood. Disruption to neurodevelopment can be dramatic, leading to clinical conditions marked by failure to attain appropriate cognitive, motor, emotional or social

Turner Institute 20 September, 2017

Genetics research leads to better understanding of children with ACC

Agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC) is a birth defect in which there is a complete or partial absence of the corpus callosum - the major pathway for communication between the brain’s two hemispheres. It occurs when the corpus callosum

Turner Institute 20 September, 2017

Do we gamble by choice or by design of gaming machines and our social environment?

Our social environments can powerfully manipulate our thoughts and behaviour. So powerfully, that gambling advertising and gaming machines such as pokies play a significant role in some people getting hooked on gambling. But what we should do

Turner Institute 20 September, 2017
Dr Dana Wong

MICCN researcher wins 2016 ASSBI Clinical Innovation Award

Dr Dana Wong, a neuropsychologist at the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN), has been awarded the 2016 ASSBI Early Career Clinical Innovation Award.

Psychological Sciences 19 October, 2016
Professor Kim Cornish

MICCN launches Australia-first centre aimed at promoting links between psychology and neuroscience graduates and industry

The Graduate Education and Industry Centre (GEIC) within the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN), was officially launched at the Monash College in Melbourne’s CBD.

Turner Institute 19 October, 2016
Dan Lubman

Turning Point director awarded top honour

Turning Point Director and Professor of Addiction Studies and Services at Monash University, Professor Dan Lubman, has been awarded the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Senior Research Award.

Psychological Sciences 16 May, 2016