Peer mentoring

Psychology Peer Mentoring Program

The Psychology Peer Mentoring Program aims to assist first-year, international, Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) students in their transition from high school into university.

The program aims to create a fun and supportive network between program coordinators, peer mentors and first year students (mentees). Mentees will be placed in groups led by a mentor, who is a later year student from your course. They will help guide you throughout your first year of university, to answer your questions, get you involved with various activities and clubs and show you how university life works.

What is a mentor and how will they help me?

Your mentor will help you to become connected with students and services, and ensure you are equipped to tackle university life. Mentors can share their experiences and offer advice on:

  • how to adapt to university life
  • what to expect in the course you are studying
  • what support services exist on campus
  • the social life on campus
  • the workload and study requirements

How do I get a mentor?

All first year students in the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) will be assigned a mentor as part of orientation.  You will be introduced to your mentor and receive an overview of the mentoring schedule of activities for your course orientation. If you do not receive these details please contact us at

How often will I meet with my mentor group?

There will be two group social events organised by the School of Psychological Sciences during for you to get to know your group. Your mentor will also organise two or three mentor-mentee catch ups during the semester.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions about the mentor program please contact the School of Psychological Sciences on 9905 3968 or

Want to be a mentor for new students?

Current students in the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) are sent an invitation inviting them to apply to be a mentor for the following year.