Opportunities for engagement and partnerships

Opportunities and Engagements

We are committed to exploring potential external relationships or partnerships with groups or individuals that may offer value to the learning of our students and benefit the health of Australians and international citizens.

Examples of activities include:

  • Research and development into food or dietary components that promote health
  • Student work-based learning placements within hospitals, community health, local government, food industry and private practice. Previous examples of learning based placements have included a local government supporting social planning to map the food system, and school camps planning appropriate menus for adolescents and monitoring the cost of food across Victoria.
  • Lectures, tutorials and practicals, where we have guest presentations from specialists in their field from a range of nutrition and health related workplaces.
  • Evaluation and quality improvement activities within hospitals, community health, local government and the food industry. Previous examples have included menu development and analysis, and evaluation of programs that create opportunities for social support around food surveys and food sustainability.

We consider the risks and benefits before embarking on a partnership. We endeavour to ensure that all relationships are transparent and understood by the public, students and the university. It is important to note that a partnership or relationship with us should not be taken to represent an endorsement of any associated person, group, company, product or services.

How a partnership could help you

Food, nutrition and health are very popular with many new food products, nutrition services and health claims emerging. Robust evidence should underpin any information on foods and nutrition, and their relationship with health and disease, along with any claims made regarding the benefits or effectiveness of foods. We are dedicated to quality research in the areas of food, nutrition and health, and believe this is at the core of providing effective, wholesome and dependable products and services.

Areas where we can provide expert advice and research capabilities including:

  • Food regulation and label claims
  • Food formulation and evaluation
  • Dietary intervention trials
  • Project Management
  • New product development concepts and planning
  • Health program evaluation design
  • Public health nutrition intervention evaluation design
  • Strategies to support teaching and learning in the workplace
  • Review and evaluation of the current body of evidence in regards to a particular area of food, nutrition or health

To learn more about our facilities and how we may be able to help you please see our facilities and capabilities

Please contact the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics to find out more about potential for engagement or partnerships.