Nutrition, dietetics and food research areas

Clinical Nutrition

Research from members within this theme, individually and collaboratively,  generates high quality evidence across clinical settings and age groups. Our research originates from research questions that arise in clinical practice. This leads to research that is timely, relevant and of benefit to patients, clinicians and health services. We translate the evidence that arises from these studies into practice, through changing how nutrition care is provided, and our teaching.

Nutrition Metabolism

Our research into metabolism generates understanding of how foods and nutrients can influence molecular and physiological mechanisms to improve health and reduce disease. Our research spans from understanding how to prevent gut injury during endurance exercise to improving cardiovascular health among shift workers.

Public Health Nutrition

Our research focuses on modifying our food environments to improve the health of our population.  We aim to improve people’s diets to reduce chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Education Research

We conduct research into the preparation of the current and future nutrition and dietetics workforce.  We have a particular focus on the development and assessment of professionalism, new delivery methods of clinical education, and competency-based assessment systems. Our research is leading the evidence base that is changing and strengthening education practice and outcomes.