Clinical Nutrition Research

Clinical Nutrition is a research theme from the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food

Research from members within this theme, individually and collaboratively,  generates high quality evidence across clinical settings and age groups. Our research originates from research questions that arise in clinical practice. This leads to research that is timely, relevant and of benefit to patients, clinicians and health services. We translate the evidence that arises from these studies into practice, through changing how nutrition care is provided, and our teaching.

Preconception Health

Dr Nicole Kellow holds an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship where she is exploring the role of dietary advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) in female infertility.

Maternal and Women’s Health

Dr. Christie Bennett research investigates the role between sleep and health outcomes in pregnancy such as gestational diabetes. The team has multiple projects supporting women's health including weight management and supporting women with PCOS lead healthy lives.

Paediatric Nutrition

Dr Zoe Davidson currently holds a fellowship from Duchenne Parent Project Netherlands which aims to trial weight management in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Evelyn Volders is a clinical specialist paediatric dietitian. She has a particular interest in breastfeeding and has qualified as a lactation consultant. Other areas of interest include optimal nutrition for infants and children and nutrition management of cystic fibrosis.

Older Age

Dr Kay Nguo has expertise and a broad range of skills in clinical trials and has led a number of nutrition research projects from conception to completion. Dr Nguo’s interests include understanding energy metabolism, metabolic health and dietary strategies for chronic disease prevention and management. She has experience in the use of stable isotopes for the measurement of energy expenditure (doubly labelled water) and body composition (deuterium dilution). Dr Nguo, along with other clinical theme members are currently leading an international collaboration to systematically analyse the published evidence of total energy expenditure in older adults using doubly labelled water. The examination of the nutritional needs of ageing populations is critical to ensure that nutritional intake is optimised in older adults.

Dr Barbara R Cardoso has developed breakthrough studies that combine her skills in nutrition, clinical trials, analytical chemistry, proteomics and molecular biology to unravel the biochemistry of selenium, as well as its implications in age-associated cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. She also has an interest in investigating the intake of nuts as a dietary strategy to slow age-associated cognitive decline and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Chronic Disease

Dr Tammie Choi is a bicultural dietitian-researcher with her research focus on tailoring diabetes education for Chinese Australians with Type 2 Diabetes. She has been advocating for an alternative diabetes education paradigm for Chinese patients that aligns with their cultural values and orientation of learning. In 2018, Tammie received competitive funding from Australian Diabetes Research Foundation and piloted the Australian-first Chinese culturally-tailored diabetes education program. The program model has since been informing cultural-tailoring health education and training culturally competent health professionals.

Dr Lisa Barker specialized in the area of malnutrition, nutrition support and gastrointestinal surgery.

Amanda Anderson is a dietitian with a clinical background in intensive care nutrition.


A/Prof Simone Gibson leads research investigating food and inflammation and researches dietetic processes in hospitals.

Sustainable food service

Dr Jorja Collins holds a conjoint role with Eastern Health is leading local and national collaborations aiming to reduce food waste in hospitals. Dr Jorja Collins is leading local and national collaborations aiming to improve the environmental sustainability of hospital foodservices. This includes sustainability across the food supply chain, ways to reduce food waste and increasing procurement of local food. Jorja was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 to travel to the US to learn about innovative green strategies in hospital foodservice.