Research Unit: Epworth Monash Rehabilitation Medicine Unit (EMReM)

EMReM Summary

The Epworth Monash Rehabilitation Medicine Unit (EMReM) represents a joint initiative from Epworth Healthcare, one of the largest private hospitals in Australia and Monash University. Since its establishment in July 2010, EMReM has operated as a research precinct, supporting clinicians and allied health professionals in higher level degrees, research projects and for clinical trial collaboration. The Unit also promotes ongoing rehabilitation education by organising and sponsoring conferences, teaching sessions and tutorials. Groups of Monash medical students are attached to Epworth Rehabilitation throughout the year.

The Unit aims to conduct innovative medical research to provide insight on best practice in rehabilitation management. This core purpose will inform translational policy and practice which can be implemented in the care of patients in the rehabilitation phase. EMReM consists of 26 healthcare professionals and is growing continuously. Staff include; senior research associates, rehabilitation physicians, research fellows, a research assistant, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and rehabilitation registrars.

Current Research Projects

Meet the team

EMReM Director

Other staff and students

Research Fellows

  • A/Prof Peter New (Rehabilitation Physician)
  • Dr Debbie Ling (Social Worker)
  • Dr Margaret Mealings, Speech Pathologist (LaTrobe University)

Rehabilitation Physicians

  • Dr Rehana Di Rico
  • Dr Louisa Ng

PhD Candidates

  • Ms Bianca Fedele (Research Manager)
  • Dr Nathan Johns (Rehabilitation Physician)