MED5101 Scholarly Intensive Placement (SIP)

At School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS), we hope to offer a range of exciting options for the SIP. There will be research, educational and professional placement options on offer. Supervisors will have experience in their area and be well placed to support you to make the most of your placement. The aim of these placement is to further enhance your skills as future clinicians and every placement at SCS will offer this, regardless of it’s nature.

Our projects will include:

  • paediatric ED, with a range of potential projects, such as clinical care audits, clinical research and patient surveys (social determinants of health, fever management etc)
  • clinical trials in osteoporosis and MSS health with a highly experienced research team
  • ID and immunisation projects
  • systematic review projects contributing to larger research projects, in exciting areas as neurodevelopmental disorders
  • a number of potential paediatric population projects
  • sexual health research
  • numerous exciting opportunities with the EMR team, exploring data extraction and analysis, which may significantly alter management and outcomes for patients at Monash Health
  • opportunities to develop your teaching skills through participation in the education of more junior medical students placed at SCS, consideration of principles of effective teaching and learning, and an in depth look at a chosen area of challenge in medical education
  • highly specialised professional practice placements, where you will have both clinical exposure to areas of interest, as well as the opportunity to formulate a research question to address an area of need in the field.

Students placed at SCS will be able to view possible project topics or professional practice placements available at all times through our “live” SIP website. Preferences will open between 2-6 weeks prior to the start of the rotation, depending on the rotation.

We hope you will enjoy your time at SCS and there is always support and guidance available during your placement. If you have any personal or health issues, or concerns about your placement, please contact the site clinical administrator who will be able to put you in touch with your SIP co-ordinator, Dr Ai Li Yeo.

SCS at a glance

SCS at a glance