Stroke and Ageing Research Group


About us

The Stroke and Ageing Research Group adopts a trans-disciplinary approach to research and clinical translation  in the fields of cerebrovascular disease (acute stroke, imaging, small vessel disease, stroke prevention, public health) and brain ageing (vascular and metabolic contributions to neurodegeneration, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease).  It consists of 5 divisions headed by experts in the relevant fields who have substantial experience in mentoring students in research projects. Research conducted by the members of the group provides a number of research opportunities for postgraduate students.

Group director

Prof Amanda Thrift

Student Opportunities

If you are thinking of a career in biomedical research, The School of Clinical Sciences is a great place to start. We are located at Monash Medical Centre (MMC) Clayton within easy walking distance of both Monash University Clayton Campus and the Clayton Shopping District. There are links to research projects within each of our divisions, with an overall summary below.

Our divisions

Epidemiology and Prevention division

Amanda Thrift

Prof Amanda Thrift is the Group director and leads the Epidemiology and Prevention division which conducts international studies in primary and secondary prevention trials in stroke and other vascular diseases. A major focus is in improving management of blood pressure and diabetes in developing countries.

Clinical Trials, Imaging and Informatics division

Henry Ma

Prof Henry Ma co-leads the Clinical Trials, Imaging and Informatics division which conducts clinical trials in acute stroke and secondary stroke prevention, advanced imaging studies in stroke, and adopts novel techniques of computational analyses using BIG data.

Thanh Phan

Prof Thanh Phan is an acute stroke specialist and neurologist with clinical and research expertise in stroke thrombolysis, endovascular therapy, and the management of transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and minor stroke.  He co-leads the Clinical Trials, Imaging and Informatics division.

Translational Public Health division

Dominique Cadilhac

Prof Dominique Cadilhac leads the Translational Public Health division conducting several projects aimed at improving quality of stroke care in hospitals, telemedicine provision in regional hospitals, as well as the use of behavioural techniques to improve stroke outcome in patients.

Monique Kilkenny

A/Prof Monique Kilkenny is a highly experienced epidemiologist who collaborates with other national researchers in the field of stroke using linked data, performance monitoring, quality improvement research and health promotion evaluations.