Dominique Cadilhac

Cadilhac lab

Prof Cadilhac is an expert in public health research, particularly in the areas of health service delivery models, translational research, economic evaluation, program evaluation and chronic disease prevention in vascular disease, in particular stroke. She has worked directly with non-government organisations and government to develop policy for chronic disease prevention in Australia. Her PhD was an economic modelling project investigating interventions to improve the control of blood pressure to prevent stroke.

One of the lead investigators to have established the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry, Prof Cadilhac's other relevant work includes undertaking consultancies for the National Stroke Foundation to examine the potential benefits and cost implications of a national public health program to reduce the burden of disease attributable to stroke (Cadilhac DA, Carter RC et al. 2007).

Prof Cadilhac is founding member of the National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance (comprising Diabetes Australia, National Heart Foundation, Australian Kidney Foundation and the National Stroke Foundation) and is involved in projects evaluating the use of Absolute Risk Assessment for Vascular Disease in Australia.

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