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Blood Cancer Therapeutics LaboratoryTranslational Oncology Research Laboratory

Blood Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory

Translational Oncology Research Laboratory


Children's Health

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Newborn | Infection, Inflammation and Immunity | Digital Health and Informatics | Cancer | Neurology and Neuro-development | Sleep and Complex Conditions | Surgery and Acute Care


Newborn - Cardiovascular

Newborn - Cell Therapy

Interventional Immunology in Neonatal Diseases

Newborn - Lung and Resuscitation

Newborn - Neurology, Neurodevelopment & Follow-Up

Infection, Inflammation and Immunity

Infection and Immunisation

Translational Immunology

Intestinal Disease

Digital Health and Informatics

Digital Health

Clinical Informatics

Jim Buttery

Professor Jim Buttery

Daryl Cheng

Dr Daryl Cheng

Monash Immunisation


Neurology and Neuro-development

Autism Research

Cerebral Palsy

Sleep and Complex Conditions

Diagnosis and consequences of obstructive sleep apnoea

Infant cardiorespiratory development

Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing

Surgery and Acute Care


Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthy Ageing

Emergency Medicine

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Paediatric Emergency Medicine | Monash Clinical Toxicology Research and Education | Public Health and Preventive Care | Emergency Critical Care | Patient Experiences and Outcomes | Operational Research

Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Monash Clinical Toxicology Research and Education

Public Health and Preventive Care

Emergency Critical Care

Patient Experiences and Outcomes

Operational/Health Services Research

Geospatial Analysis



Computed Tomography

Musculoskeletal Imaging

NeuroInterventional Radiology


Nuclear Medicine/Positron Emission Tomography

Obstetric Imaging

Paediatric Imaging

Urological Imaging

Vascular Imaging

Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

Autoimmune Kidney Disease and Vasculitis Research Group

Chronic Kidney Disease and Transplantation Research Group

Inflammatory Respiratory Disease Research Group

Leukocyte Trafficking Group

Liver/Gut Inflammation and Fibrosis Research Group

Monash Infectious Diseases

Neuroinflammation Research Group

Regulatory T Cell Therapies Research Group

Rheumatology Group

Neurology and Stroke

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Neurology | Stroke and Ageing


Stroke and Ageing Research

Clinical Trials, Imaging and Informatics division

Epidemiology and Prevention division

Amanda Thrift

Professor Amanda Thrift
Head of Stroke and Ageing Research

Translational Public Health division

Nutrition, Dietetics and Food

Precision Medicine

Psychiatry and Psychology

Graham MeadowsProfessor Graham Meadows
Frances ShawyerDr Frances Shawyer
Deputy Director, Research Fellow, Coordinator of Mindfulness
Joanne EnticottDr Joanne Enticott
Coordinator of Health Services Research, Biostatistician

Asylum Seeker and Refugee Mental Health

Behavioural Neuroscience

Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry / Psycho-Oncology Research Unit


Old Age Psychiatry

Psychology & Mental Health Design

Translational Molecular Psychiatry

Youth Mental Health


Supportive and Palliative care


Women's Health

Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Developmental Neuroscience

Endometrial Stem Cell Biology

Epidemiology and Clinical Trials

Evidence-based Women’s Health Care

Fetal and Neonatal Health

Lung Development

Maternal and Perinatal Medicine

Maternal and Perinatal Medicine Translational Research

Neuro development and Neuroprotection

Perinatal Inflammation

Perinatal Transition