Rachel Hill

Dr Hill is a NHMRC Career Development Fellow and head of the Behavioural Neuroscience laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, Monash Medical Center. She currently holds competitive grants from the Australian government and US foundations, and supervises a team of post-doctorates, PhD students and honours students from Monash University.

The Behavioural Neuroscience lab headed by Dr Rachel Hill is working toward better treatments for psychiatric disorders.  Psychiatric disorders are thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental disturbances or ‘risk-factors’.  The Behavioural Neuroscience laboratory models these risk factors in mice to understand at the molecular, physiological and behavioural level how these disturbances contribute to mental health.  We use a number of different techniques, including genetic manipulation, mouse behavioural testing, molecular biology, in vivo electrophysiology and human clinical studies.

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