Bone and Muscle Health Research

2018 Ebeling group
2018 Bone and Muscle Health Research Group: L-R Back row: Dr David Scott, Christopher Fone, Jakub Mesinovic, Lachlan McMillan. Middle row: Alexander Rodriguez, Theo Di Pauli von Treuheim, Ruth Fantozzi, Amar Lakhani, Dr Hanh Nguyen. Front row: Mavil Cervo, Dr Ayse Zengin, Prof Peter Ebeling, Cat Shore-Lorenti, Dr Jasna Aleksova

About Bone and Muscle Health Research

The Bone and Muscle Research Group (BMRG), nested within the Monash University Department of Medicine, is working to achieve:

  • Falls and fracture prevention
  • An advanced understanding of interactions between cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine systems
  • Healthy ageing in our local and global communities
  • Better bone health for vulnerable patient populations
  • Better treatment for osteoporosis patients
  • Better detection of osteoporotic fractures
  • Better understanding of genetic causes of atypical femur fracture and early detection and intervention/prevention
  • Efficient and tailored exercise regimens for building and maintaining healthy bone

We offer a comprehensive platform for assessing bone and muscle health, physical performance and cardiovascular risk factors.

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